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CoinPlace is the world’s first P2P service featuring two kinds of tokens: tokens of projects in the ICO phase («ICO tokens») and tokens of post-ICO projects or crypto assets traded on exchanges (“crypto assets”). This makes CoinPlace the «eBay» for the wide variety of crypto assets and the «PayPal» for new businesses based on the ICO model. The CoinPlace platform is the world’s first P2P service for ICO token and crypto asset trading (bitcoin, altcoins, and other tokens). The existing P2P platforms have inherent limitations: they allow exchanging just one or, at best, two crypto assets. Buyers of crypto assets face a range of challenges: high commissions, loss of anonymity that comes with using exchanges, lengthy verification processes, a complex exchange interface, and a limited choice of payment methods.


๏ To list over 100 digital assets on the platform in the space of one year

๏ To capture over 50% of the market for ICO token sales and more than 40% of the P2P crypto assets trade market in the space of five years.


The CoinPlace platform offers extensive capabilities for a safe exchange of digital assets based on blockchain technology. CoinPlace acts as the guarantor (“escrow service”) in such transactions. The actual transactions happen between users directly. Any intervention into the exchange process on the part of the platform would occur only in the event of an emergency, and the platform team will aim to keep such emergencies to a minimum. Their service is designed to handle a large number of crypto assets. A major focus is on a user-friendly mobile app, including instant user notifications.

The CoinPlace platform will feature:

๏ An innovative system that allows users to trade in real crypto assets at prices below those charged at major exchanges, on win-win terms for sellers and buyers. This will be achieved using three innovative approaches to be implemented in the project on a phased basis over the course of eight months after CoinPlace launch. The approaches will be described in this document in detail by the time of the ICO.

๏ Support of P2P payment tools: from bank-to-bank wires to quasi-cash tools and payments via such systems as Contact and Western Union.

๏ The ability to buy ICO tokens not just with crypto assets (as is common practice now) but also with different kinds of fiat payment instruments.


Role of a CPL Token

CPL tokens can be used to pay for the following platform services:

๏ Placement of advertising on the platform (for ICOs, cryptocurrency services and portals, sale of mining hardware, ads announcing cryptocurrencies sold in exchange for cash);

๏ Listing of ICO tokens on the platform (in the form of listing fees);

๏ Priority queuing for platform services (e.g., accelerated verification, dispute resolution, etc.);

๏ Highlighted ads;

๏ Special Status.


They raise funding for project development with a focus on the following aspects:

๏ Technology development of the platform (R&D)

๏ Improvement of platform functionality and safety

๏ International promotion of CoinPlace to attract the largest possible global target audience to the platform

๏ Forming a fund for supporting global cryptocurrency development projects

๏ Forming the cryptocurrency community

๏ Creating a network of regional representatives (“Ambassadors Worldwide”) The ultimate objective of CoinPlace fundraising is ICO-funding of the project’s global expansion and securing a foothold in the target markets.


CoinPlace is similar to the famous e-commerce service eBay: the platform publishes crypto asset sale ads; buyers find the best offers and negotiate a deal with the seller directly on the platform. Moreover, the transaction takes place online. However, in the case of an online transaction the contracting parties do not know each other and are therefore unable to establish a formal relationship that is secure from the legal perspective. Their platform is based on the principles of a banking escrow agent that will act as an impartial party (“arbitrator”) in the event of a dispute between the parties to the transaction. The arbitrator is necessary to make decisions to either confirm or cancel a cryptocurrency transaction.


If you want more information, visit the WEBSITE and read the WHITEPAPER.

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