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Cottage – a innovative project
Cottage is an innovative project of the SAIS BVBA construction company, registered in Belgium. The company has been doing business in the European Union for 10 years, organizing the construction of real estate, mainly private houses, as well as providing various construction and repair services. At the moment SAIS BVBA expands its presence in the market. The construction of real estate in Belgium, Spain and the south of France is planned. The Cottage project offers the opportunity to BUY and RENT real estate built by SAIS BVBA, including custom-made in the territory of the European Union, for CRYPTOCURRENCY, and at the same time to reduce transaction costs for the implementation of the facilities. The ICO participants of the project get the opportunity to INVEST in the real estate with digital assets, regardless of the volume of investment and the jurisdiction of the investor himself.

Cottage Project

They see large, but not yet realized, opportunities to optimize business processes in the real estate  market by introducing new technologies and using their potential to create a more efficient  economic model. The Cottage project will  maximize the benefits of rapidly growing trends and, if  possible, mitigate the negative effects of the transformation of the industry that we see now. In  addition, they are opening a new way of investing in real estate markets.

At the moment, there are, in fact, two large territorial areas, where 90% of the holders of assets are in the form of cryptocurrency: Europe and the United States. The Cottage project is able to give these people, especially representatives of the European continent, where the founders of SAIS BVBA have been conducting their
business for a decade, the opportunity to use their digital assets as means of payment when buying real estate. The company intends to expand the volume of construction of eco houses that do not generate waste and use energy only from renewable sources. It is possible to purchase both ready made objects and construction on request.
The Cottage project envisages the participation of all comers in the investment of SAIS BVBA’s construction of new facilities in Belgium, Spain, France and other countries in exchange for receiving dividends from the profits brought by these facilities.

Business model

Thus, the Cottage business model cycle provides:

  • construction of facilities;
  • sale of the constructed objects and their leasing;
  • distribution of proceeds to the holders of the tokens.
  • construction of new facilities for the proceeds.

The entire Cottage business project is united by the use of innovative technologies at each stage:

  • raising funds for construction;
  • customer search;
  • conclusion of lease agreements and their execution;
  • sale of objects for digital currencies;

Benefits for Token Owners

The owners of the tokens will be able to reserve for temporary residence and rest any of the Cottage project houses for rent, and from the moment they are put into operation, they can use them. The lease can be paid for with project tokens, crypto currency or fiat money. The used tokens are written off from the owner’s account by a smart contract and are burned.


Ecosystem – the main algorithms and rules, as well as their combinations, on which the interactions between contractors are built, and also the processes running in the Cottage project net work are managed.
About token
Cottage token is a digital asset issued by the Cottage organization, which is a subsidiary of the SAIS BVBA construction company. It is believed that the digital token, this is a manifestation of technological progress, which ensures high liquidity of objects in the material world and lower transaction costs. However, at a fundamental level, such a token a little differs from existing and well known mechanisms of rights recording to objects in the material world, which does not require additional costs to explain its nature.

If you want more information, visit the WEBSITE and read the WHITEPAPER.


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