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This is a subject of crypto currency and blockchain for a long time. That’s they want to use this future-oriented technology in their future-oriented project. The blockchain technology allows to set up the project in a transparent and reliable  way. The revenue from the token sale will be invested in different vehicles and a private car  garage. For all token holders it is possible to participate to the vehicles. The vehicles will  be sold, rented or leased to their customers. They will make a profit, which split to all  shareholders of the vehicles. All data and changes to the vehicles will be stored in the  blockchain. It is possible to sell your vehicle shares to other token holder through marketplace.  This creates an active trade and the token has a real purpose.

How CrowdDrive works?

CrowdDrive will offer the available vehicles partly or wholly for participation. With the  participation, you have the right to a share of the profits. The vehicles are presented  with all the necessary information on the website and in the mobile application. If a car in which you are involved, is resold or a profit is generated from the rental or  leasing, this profit is shared among all partners and will be paid out in ETH, BTC or a  conventional currency. If a vehicle is sold, each partner gets a list how the sales price is  composed and how much profit we generated on the sale. The purchased vehicle shares can be traded via their marketplace. The only payment  option for our market place and in order to buy vehicle shares is the Car Token. For Token holder, it is possible at any time who visit Switzerland and have a look at  their vehicles.

CrowdDrive Pixel Shop

To help car lovers who are unfamiliar with cryptocurrency to participate in their token  sale, they have created the CrowdDrive Pixel Shop. In the CrowdDrive Pixel Shop, you can  buy an area from a pixel wall and receive CAR tokens equivalent to your purchase  amount. You can decide if we should send the tokens to an Ethereum Wallet or if you get  your tokens credited in the finished mobile application. For buyers who want to get the  tokens on a Ethereum wallet but do not yet have an Ethereum Wallet, they have created a  step-by-step tutorial on how to create an Ethereum Wallet.

Future Applications

At the beginning of this project they will provide rental vehicles, vehicles for resale and  leasing vehicles for participation in the marketplace. Of course, in the future, once many other applications are  possible, which they want to integrate into their platform. They will describe the possible  applications in detail below:

  • Taxi
  • Food delivery
  • Product and Courier delivery service
  • Long distance bus
  • Limousine and chauffeur service
  • Logistics and freight transport
  • Car Sharing

Token Sale

During the Token sale, a maximum of 50% of the token is distributed to the participants.
The Smart contract only creates as many CAR as necessary.

Their company in Belize carries out the Token sale. There are several reasons for this,  such as tax and on the other hand, it makes it easier with the implementation of  the Token Sale. As soon as the token sale is completed, respectively, in the best case  already during the token sale, they will continue to expand their company in Switzerland.  But with an appointment it is always possible to visit there in Switzerland and get to know  us personally.


If you want more information, visit the WEBSITE and read the WHITEPAPER.

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