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CryptalDash – a robust crypto exchange and trading platform
CryptalDash is a robust crypto exchange and trading platform equipped with institutional grade matching engine and third-party crypto exchanges order routing capabilities. All under one dashboard, enabling a seamless trading experience. CryptalDash is already achieving significant advancements, and plans to have infrastructure in place prior to the Initial Coin Offering (ICO). Already, CryptalDash has the necessary technology and arrangements to offer a seamless intgration with the blockchain ecosystem’s main platforms and applications, providing a frictionless user experience. CryptalDash is in position to offer the leading single-access interface and tools that will appeal to retail banks’ existing customer base, enabling a rapid technological adoption and mass user acquisition.  In addition to focusing on the user experience, CryptalDash will provide innovative solutions for both individual customers and businesses alike, improving the price and product discovery contributing to a frictionless ecosystem and market.

The Present & The Future

CryptalDash technology will be available as a cross-platform and multi-device application. There will be a downloadable app available on IOS and Android, as well as desktop and tablet. As the technologies related to major component of their platforms are developing , they are building the ability to rapidly integrate such technologies , they believe that 3 major core components are in the process of disruption . Identity, Smart Contracts and AI technology.
CryptalDash will be adopting the above technologies as soon as reliability in implementation is realized. Such adoption will affect the centralized nature of their exchange, evolving toward a decentralized model. Currently CryptalDash is built on a strong centralized architecture with a robust matching engine. They will be describing the technoogical component of their future, and
present platform.
The future of CryptalDash technology is based on these essential components:
• Identity Validation technology based on the blockchain.
• Smart co
• Smart contract applications on Ether.
• AI technology enabling robot advisory and decision making
• API Access to technologie

Future Deployment

Their advisory solution consists of core modules, such as pre-built portfolios and advisory and execution platforms, aimed at achieving fundamental support in decision making. Besides their core modules, we’ve developed satellite modules enabling community and gamification, in addition to supporting a wide range of educational tools.
Their AI covers a large universe of strategies set to include thematic, fundamental, and technical analysis.Due to the holistic view enabled by the CryptalDash platform, the AI is able to identify exploitable opportunities, such as arbitrage, which can be executed through an intuitive step-by-step guidance of the AI system.

Token Offering

After the Token Offering, new Platform Members will have to buy CRD on Public Exchanges & CryptalDash Exchange
Smart Token : Cryptal Dash ( CRD)
Lifetime membership : 1 million CRD tokens
CRD Price Start : 0.01 USD
CRD Hard Caped : 780,000,000

For more information,visit the Website or read the Whitepaper.

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