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Cybertrust is a group of companies which has created an innovative finanсial product to help all institutional investors get involved in crypto markets right now. Crypto finance needs to integrate with traditional sources of capital and CyberTrust has the ideal solution: crypto asset-backed derivatives called Global Crypto Notes (GCNs). CyberTrust offers a full package of services to allow crypto asset
management on traditional financial markets.


Products that are currently available on the market and provide exposure to Cryptocurrencies have major disadvantages compared to CyberTrust’s solution. They are either not credit remote and, therefore, expose investors to the credit risk of the issuer (e.g. notes issued by private banks to its clients) or provide indirect exposure to underlying assets, which exposes investors to valuation.


The CABS Token serves three roles:

  • permits accredited investors to securitise major Cryptocurrencies at a ~2.4% premium (cost) to securitise 1 BTC, as opposed to paying a 50% to 100% premium to Grayscale BIT;
  • provides the broader public a priority on the size of this premium;
  • forms the basis for a community which would be interested to create and promote new synthetic
    and derivative crypto products.


Securitisation – How it Works?

The CyberTrust CABS Token will be issued as a standard ERC20 token on the Ethereum blockchain supported by all ERC20-compliant wallets. This is an example of BTC securitisation process. The steps will be:

Step 1. Open Account with CyberTrust

  • Comply successfully with our KYC & AML requirements
  • Configure your safety settings

Step 2. Deposit your Cryptocurrency

  • Deposit the Cryptocurrency, which should be the underlying asset for the desired GCNs, e.g. BTC, ETH and/or BCC/BCH
  • You can also use CyberTrust as just custody for your Cryptocurrency (especially useful for those who just invest in Cryptocurrencies and are not actively trading them)

Step 3. Join the securitisation

  • By providing the CABS Tokens you can join an open Securitisation Pool (if available) with the deposited Cryptocurrency, or wait for an announcement of an upcoming Securitisation Pool
  • Indicate how many Cryptocurrency you want to securitise, provided that 1 CABS Token entitles you to securitise 1 BTC or equivalent quantities of other selected and deposited Cryptocurrencies

The crypto securitisation model will be instrumental in the development and proliferation of structured products and crypto derivatives, such as Facebook equity denominated in BTC, Apple debt denominated in ETH, T-bills in BTC terms, etc. Futures and options on crypto assets based on GCNs will have a titled link to the underlying assets, thus fueling demand from institutional investors. The global market for derivatives is estimated at five hundred (500) trillion US$. They estimate that crypto derivatives can capture at least a 1% of this market, which implies the equivalent of US $5 trillion of underlying crypto derivatives within five years.


CyberTrust will act as a traditional custodial bank for crypto assets in addition to offering brokerage services for the sale of Global Crypto Notes on OTC markets and major market places. In this respect CyberTrust’s approach is based on technologies and methods which have been in use by large financial institutes for decades. This includes various technologies and solutions such as:

  • in-memory data grids (IMDG) for scalability and performance;
  • network isolation for safety of private keys and sensitive data;
  • neural networks & machine learning for fraud and breach detection;
  • high client account security with features like multi-factor authorisation by SMS/voice/video and trusted addresses;
  • convenient integration with existing financial market infrastructure: gateways to clearing and settlements (e.g. Clearstream Banking S.A.), gateways for market making at OTC market places (i.e. NASD Bulletin Board and others), etc.

The basis for CyberTrust services is a custodial solution for cryptocurrencies. To protect deposited crypto from being leaked or stolen, all incoming transfers come to one-time/short-time accounts. Private keys of these accounts are generated inside a secure network and are exposed to blockchain nodes briefly to transfer crypto out.


If you want more information, visit the WEBSITE and read the WHITEPAPER.

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