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Datarius cryptobank – a decentralized partially closed system.

System of decentralized Datarius Cryptobank is oriented on cooperation with wide audience and is available all over the world. In addition to current members of Crypto Community, Datarius welcomes people who are just starting to get acquainted with cryptocurrencies or who do not trust FinTech market yet. Customers will be able to conduct transactions from any corner of the world in a matter of seconds with no limits and no need to wait for a plastic card issue for several weeks. Customers from dierent countries receive Datarius cryptobank services on equal terms. Transactions and funds transfers are done instantly after closing a deal. Fees for processing the operation will be
reduced to minimum payment for the transaction, regardless of both parties’ location. Datarius provides an opportunity for its clients to receive credit lines from creditors from other countries. For example, a customer can choose a loan with a lower interest rate in countries of Western Europe or America, where such services are much cheaper. This practice was used by traditional banks at dawn of mortgage lending; within decentralized P2P-system cost of such products will be lower due to savings on customer service charges.

Datarius oers a wide range of tools in investment, credit and currency fields. FinTech startups, individuals and legal entities gain access to loans, bailment and investments. Flexible system allows any customer to transfer their personal and/or company accounts to cryptospace, considerably saving on banking servicing and even earning from it.


Being in the forefront of digital economy, Datarius sets itself for task of oering the most complete and up-to-date set of instruments and participating in trend-formation. To this end, it was decided to form Datarius as an independent cryptobank by attracting people who are interested in development of the project – bankers – as active participants. The model fully meets concept of Datarius cryptobank: freedom, sociality, globality, transparency, independence, high-technology, and is the foundation for further successful implementation.

DTRC Token

DTRC token (DaTaRius Coin) — utility-token based on the smart contract ERC-20 of Ethereum network. This is a unique access key and the only instrument for participating in the system of decentralized .Datarius cryptobank. The entire range of ecosystem financial products and services is based on the direct interaction of users with each other using DTRC tokens. Financial products are formed by system users based on predefined rules with the help of designers.Customers independently establish and accept terms of interactions using the token.


– the most complete set of financial tools: Currency Transactions (automatic exchange / internal exchange / TOP exchange gateways), Direct Lending (3 options), Investment Programmes (2 options), Credits for SMEs, Demand Deposits, Intrasystem Card Products (both direct – inside the intrasystem unit, and gateway through partner companies);

– a completely new approach to the credit scoring through the new unique algorithms, based on already existing data received from partner companies;

– internal users’ accounts are duplicated by real physical accounts that further widen opportunities for the period of the blockchain economy development;

– enhanced integration of links between cryptocurrency and fiat, including the integration of instant transfer systems;

– unique verification methods combined with already existing blockchain projects in this segment;

– a trust limit system with the opportunity to set a limit for a particular user / group / all users according to the pre-defined criteria, which makes the system even more social.


If you want more information, visit the WEBSITE and read the WHITEPAPER.

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