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ELONCITY – Power the World for FREE

ELONCITY decentralizes their power infrastructure into millions of self sufficient microgrids. Locally produced energy is available 24/7 and directly competitive to utilities. Energy price becomes transparent to all. People use eloncity’s open technologies to make electricity virtually free so that they can electrify the world with clean energy.


Open and Secured Energy Transaction – The ECTP or blockchain platform provides an open, secured and distributed ledger for efficient recording of the transaction of energy services in the community in verifiable and immutable manner. The blockchain platform also enables Eloncity to establish an auditable record for tracking the sources of electricity generation in the community, whether it is renewable or fossil fuel.

Unified and Efficient Energy Marketplace – Eloncity Token facilitates an open market that enables communities around the world to exchange energy and shared-resources locally and also to access the unified network of global renewable energy products and solutions. Similarly, renewable product and service providers benefit from a more open global market.

Greater Reliability – The Eloncity provides greater energy service reliability through the decentralized energy architecture’s inherent design ability to anticipate, absorb, adapt to and rapidly recover from potentially disruptive events. The Eloncity design includes locally solar PV arrays or windmills, and intelligent networked BESS for maintaining local electric service stability, flexibility and resilient energy supply during grid service disruptions and emergency events.

Increased Safety – The Eloncity’s renewable generation and BESS reduce or eliminate risks from the dependence on fossil fuel-based backup generators that are often not available in a disaster, have high safety risks of fire, explosions, gas poisoning, and are quite likely available for only the limited amount of time while gas/diesel is available. Eloncity will power the public safety facilities indefinitely in standalone mode with inexhaustible local renewable resources. The Eloncity Model offers a direct response to address the unacceptable risks to public health and safety posed by the fossil fuel-based energy resources.


The ECTP is based on blockchain technology to create a highly efficient and trusted community-based electricity exchange platform. It also specifies hardware devices and power network requirements for peer devices to exchange electricity on the blockchain platform. The core of this protocol is an AI-based algorithm that determines locational real-time energy price equilibrium at any point on a local energy network. This protocol recognizes that the energy supply-demand condition on one street is not necessarily the same condition for another street in a microgrid. Therefore, the value of electricity at any given moment at different locations on a microgrid would be different. The energy price determination of the Eloncity Model is a function of both time and location.


Whether electricity generation is decentralized energy depends on where it is generated. Decentralized energy system generates electricity where it is needed. On the other hand, the centralized grid generates electricity in large remote power plants, then the electricity must then be transported over long distances at high voltage to the customer sites for consumptions. It does not matter what technology is employed, whether it is used in connection with an existing grid or a remote village, or whether the power comes from a clean renewable source or burning fossil fuel or a nuclear power plant: if the electricity generator is ‘on-site’ or ‘locally’, then it is decentralized energy. This means that decentralized energy could include technologies that polluted the environment such as diesel generators. However, the Eloncity Model builds upon the premise of using local renewable energy to fulfill local demands. The Eloncity Model employs local renewable resources to mitigate risk to the environment and public health while increasing the local power system resilience and adaptability. The renewable generation technologies of Eloncity Model include solar PV, windmills plus other generation technologies optimized for local renewable resources and suitable for deployment in the target community.

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