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ENTRY is a blockchain – based platform empowered by smart contracts; it will not only acts as a bank by offering easy deposits, payments and lending services, cross-border payments, ATM facility/convenient withdrawals, but also as a cryptocurrency exchange for the business and consumer world.
Mission Statement:
To be the gateway between traditional and new financial paradigms and systems led by cryptocurrencies and empower the financial ecosystem to have a framework that allows for inter-operability between the two.
They aim:

  • To help cryptocurrencies achieve suitability for everyday transactions and open the world of crypto-finance to every citizen.
  • To keep a transparent record of all the transactions in the ecosystem.
  • To expand the use of cryptocurrencies for purchase and payments across the business world.
  • To create a simple and all-in-one platform to revolutionize the traditional methods of dealing with banking systems.
  • ENTRY’s suite of comprehensive banking products and services will ensure a new benchmark in banking and financial services.

ENTRY business model

ENTRY business model consists of 6 main elements:

Cryptocurrency and fiat payment gateway for e-shops. Personal and business account (deposit, withdraw, instant transfer cryptocurrency & fiat). Web and Mobile app versions. Debit cards.

Centralized and p2p ultra-fast and instant cryptocurrency exchange. High security standards, beginner friendly and worldwide supported service.

Open source code, wallet, custom blockchain, smart contracts, and custom Token creation platform.

Blockchain technology enables fast and hassle-free cross border payments at a very low cost.

Cash machine/ATM system. Transfer, cash out or top up with cash (using agents or cash machines). Payment gateway for POS (real shops, service providers). Payment cards will also be added in the future for ease of access for both fiat and crypto.

Will be used in ENTRY platform as main cryptocurrency. Used in other platforms as main or side cryptocurrency. Tradable in exchanges.

What is ENTRY?

ENTRY is a blockchain-based banking service designed to increase the flow of cryptocurrencies in the real economy. It is an AI empowered multi-utility financial platform. ENTRY is designed to allow people to use fiat as well as crypto currencies in their day-to-day purchases without really having to be concerned about the technology behind the system. ENTRY envisions becoming a truly global bank in the post fiat world. Its entire framework is structured to enhance utility of all crypto Tokens and simultaneously facilitate all those who still want to transact in fiat. ENTRY’s suite of products allows it to touch the financial lives of every crypto user and change it for the better.


The global financial crisis revealed significant weaknesses in the existing financial system and some of the vulnerabilities have already exhibited their impact on the interconnected global market. The world economy is still struggling with sluggish real growth today. Transferring money for remittance, money lending across international borders is still very complicated, time consuming and expensive. Existing systems running on traditional banking channels are slow and full of intermediaries, higher exchange rates, counter-party risks, bureaucracy and extensive paperwork. ENTRY’s business model is focused on disrupting the existing pillars of finance who only act as toll-keepers without providing any value-add to consumers and businesses. Removing the numerous intermediaries would make the system faster, more secure and cost-effective for all involved.


ENTRY Token is an electronic and virtual currency Token that will flow in the ENTRY ecosystem. It is the crypto-currency Token of ENTRY platform used for peer-to-peer transactions and micro payments. It will be the medium of exchange for transacting on the platform and availing ENTRY’s banking and financial services.
Benefits and Value of ENTRY Token:
● The company will offer saving account to increase ENTRY Tokens, prevent speculating. This will allow ENTRY holders earn interest on their holdings.
● ENTRY Token will motivate market participants to use ENTRY for transactions and savings as compared to speculation. This will allow the currency to grow into its role as a store of value as compared to the current speculation hype in major Tokens.
● ENTRY Token will allow streamlining the functioning of the entire ENTRY platform and will help maintaining liquidity in ENTRY platform.
● As the usage of ENTRY Token increases for business and transactions, the Token will be available in more and more places. This will have a parallel effect on the market of the ENTRY Token. The ENTRY will also see a long-term usage due to the business growth and network effect taken place.
● You can use ENTRY Tokens to pay for any fees on their platform, including but not limited to: exchange fees, withdraw fees, listing fees, premium services or any other fee/service when you use ENTRY to pay for fees/services, you will receive a significant discount.
● In the future, ENTRY will build a fully functional ecosystem where ENTRY would be used as one of the key base assets and main currency in whole business.
● ENTRY in the future will launch ENTRY2 stable coin. This coin will ensure of ENTRY ecosystem and users growth in all possible ways as less speculative coin. More users and business join ENTRY ecosystem, more holders for ENTRY token to receive a significant discounts for usage.

Token Sale

Token Symbol: ENTRY

Token Background : ERC-20

Token Type : Utility (KYC/AML Required)

SOFT CAP : 25.000.000 ENTRY

HARD CAP : 325.000.000 ENTRY

Total Supply : 590.000.000 ENTRY
Long Term Vision : Team Tokens locked 2 yr

For more information, visit the Website or read the Whitepaper.

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