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EQUI – the opportunity to be part of a powerful new investment movement

EQUI is the exciting unification of a new cryptocurrency with an innovative investment platform. Built on Ethereum Blockchain technology, EQUI disrupts the traditional venture investment market and empowers the crypto community to join the next generation of venture capital investors. Utilising EQUItokens, investors will be able to buy stakes in emerging, entrepreneurial companies, and benefit from great investment returns and rewards. EQUI will source the best investment opportunities in real world assets, next generation technology companies, and ventures with the capability of revolutionising markets. EQUI will champion innovators and support them by providing extensive business knowledge, guidance and insight to enable their venture to flourish.


Blockchain technology is revolutionising the world, both in business and how they interact with each other. Utilising this technology and combining it with traditional venture capital investment models, EQUI is a unique offering that will disrupt conventional thinking in this space. Backed by a board of successful and visionary entrepreneurs, EQUI harnesses a vast global network to identify innovative pioneers and exciting ventures that will excel from the injection of not just finance but also operational and strategic expertise. EQUI is supported by a team of established and proven individuals who have experienced success in their field of expertise. This team of individuals will evaluate all investment opportunities to offer a carefully selected portfolio for their investors to consider.

The EQUI team will provide ongoing mentorship, resources, operational support and strategic advice to enable these ambitious companies to grow and succeed. This invaluable input will help to transform great ideas into reality, generating returns for all stakeholders.
Their vision will be delivered through the EQUI investment platform. This platform will showcase evaluated opportunities to enable investors to participate in the next generation of successful companies.

Platform Overview

EQUI will utilise the established Ethereum blockchain to process and store credentials, information and transactions, including the acquisition of project stakes, distribution of profits, deployment of investment returns and investor rewards. The use of Smart Contracts, written in Solidity and compiled for Ethereum Virtual Machine, ensures security, reliability and transparency for all EQUI participants. The EQUItoken is a standard ERC20 token that is designed solely for use on the EQUI platform. It enables users to participate in EQUI investment projects. If the participant wishes to hold on to the token it can be stored securely on the EQUI platform for future investments or traded through public exchanges.
EQUI is a web based application that is accessed through any compatible web browser. Following the ICO, the platform will be fully developed using the funds raised. It will be user friendly, aesthetically pleasing and provide all relevant information for an investor to plan their investments and review their portfolio.

Tokens & ICO

EQUI is launching an ICO for early adopters who wish to support their vision. Their token sale will enable the acceleration of technical development and all other aspects of the business, including infrastructure and additional personnel. A pre-sale will run from 1 March to 8 March 2018. A minimum investment level of $100,000 is required to participate in the pre-sale. The public ICO will run from 8 March to 31 March 2018. A minimum investment level of $100 will apply to the public ICO, subject to participants complying with regulatory guidelines.

Token Distribution
The distribution of EQUItokens focuses on creating long term value for investors:

  • 65% of the tokens will be made available to the public via the pre-sale and ICO process.
  • 12% will be distributed to the EQUI Founders, subject to a six month lock-in period.
  • 15% will be distributed to the EQUI Team, quarterly, over a two year period, subject to a six month lock-in period.
  • 6% will be distributed to the Advisory Board quarterly, over a two year period, subject to a six month lock-in period.
  • 2% will be available for Bounty Rewards.


For more information,visit the Website or read the Whitepaper.

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