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Etheal – A blockchain based incentivized global health platform

Etheal is a blockchain company that intends to offer solutions to users of healthcare. The company argues that healthcare is broken and that the price of services is rising everywhere in the world. With more transparency, the industry could charge less and make a lot of its problems disappear. Using blockchain technology, Etheal plans to make healthcare affordable anywhere. Smart contracts will let people be able to pay for healthcare independently of where they are via the company. Using the company’s token, they can use the same type of currency all over the world. When the company completes its expansion all over the globe you will be able to receive medical treatment wherever you are with an easy way to pay for the service. Right now, Etheal is already working in two countries: Hungary and Brazil. The upcoming ICO will raise money enough for Etheal to expand to other 30 countries if the whole process is successfully done,  Etheal will work from their platform, Doklist. The plan of the company is to use its platform to offer alternatives to inefficient and expensive healthcare. With the use of the Doklist platform and the HEAL tokens, the company plans to develop an ecosystem in which users, doctors and all of the actors involved in the proccess can interact. This way, a system with more transparency and cheaper services can be done. Advertisers can also use the platform, as well as researchers. ICO release a total of 100 million tokens, in three phases, first phase will start in march, where they will sell a 20 million of tokens to the crowd.

Business Model

The strongest short-term growth driver will be Medical Tourism lead generation​, where the market is predicted to grow to $540 billion​ by 2025 according to Oxford Economics and Visa. The second biggest growth driver will be pharmaceutical communication research and advertisement​, which is a $27 billion​ market in the USA alone. Physicians will also be able to bid​ to be included in the top 3 featured spots on search results, where in contrast to Google Adwords, their quality score is not dependent on how good of a website they have, but instead on the quality of service they provide. A doctor who provides excellent service, will have to pay less for the same featured spot. 5%​ of all revenue generated through the Etheal Ecosystem will go to the Etheal Operation Fund to cover operating expenses​, 15%​ will go to the Weekly Contribution Endowment Fund rewarding​ patients and care providers​. Most of the applications developed by us will be free, however, paid applications will use different models. For instance, pharmaceutical advertising is planned to be a revenue share model of 70%-30%, where users earn 70% and 30% goes to the Etheal Operation Fund.

Etheal Trust Score (ETS)

The idea for the Etheal Trust Score (ETS) is based on the “believability score” from Bridgewater Associates – the biggest and most successful hedge fund in the world. Compared to a democracy in which the majority decides, or the autocracy where a selected minority decides, the believability score fosters idea meritocracy​ by weighting votes based on how believable the voter is.

Source: youtube/Etheal

For more information, visit the WEBSITE or read the Whitepaper.

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