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Futouris – the first travel review platform

Futouris is the first travel review platform that rewards users for creating and curating travel reviews with blockchain tokens. Futourist is a video-focused, influencer friendly review app, revolving around travel topics. Economy inside Futourist platform creates the bridge between businesses and content creators. The goal of Futourist is to disrupt the online review industry with a concept of distributing revenue fairly across all content creators.
In chapters below they present the problem of free online content – people are creating content for free and businesses generate massive amounts of revenue for displaying this content. Futourist is challenging this unfairness by rewarding all users for their work, from superstar influencers to everyday reviewers. A blockchain based distribution protocol is to be responsible for fair rewarding of content creators on Futourist. Futourist is focusing on reviews as they represent one of the most trusted and helpful content types found online. And most importantly, reviews are directly related to some business revenue. Further on they talk about the travel review industry, which today offers many opportunities through technologies like cloud video and blockchain.


Reviews are one of the most globally spread and helpful kind of information found online. There is a direct correlation between review content and revenue of the business behind the reviewed object or service. Despite this fact, reviewers are rarely rewarded for their contribution in any way.Reviews have an enormous impact on people’s decisions when considering a business to buy services from. People nowadays tend to trust reviews more than anything else. Research shows that online reviews are as powerful as any personal recommendation. The number of written reviews has reached 500 million on TripAdvisor alone . According to recent statistics, 90% of consumers read online reviews and 88% of them trust them. Furthermore, 89% of consumers say they read more than 2 reviews before making a decision.

Statistics show, that positive feedback from reviewers has an enormous impact on business revenue and can boost the sales up to 5 times.
• A one star rating increase on Yelp leads to a 5 – 9% increase in businesses revenue
• Customers are likely to spend up to 31% more on a business with top reviews
• 67% of travelers said they are willing to pay more for a hotel with higher review scores

Content creators and reviewers bring enormous benefits to business owners, but at the moment financial benefits are one directional – towards the businesses.


The ongoing growth of review platforms and review companies is based on user generated content. As described in previous sections, people are creating new content on a daily basis and giving those same platforms a source for generating enormous revenue and a reason to exist.However, when it comes to sharing revenue, users are not part of the story anymore. Rather, profits are withheld by corporations, giving them the power to grow and become more powerful everyday. On December 28th 2017, the market capitalization of only three companies in the review and social media field was more than $524+ billion.

In the era of Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitch and Snapchat, video is the clear winner of all online content types. They believe existing travel review platforms are falling behind by not embracing video as the main source of relevant, trustworthy information. Ironically, Youtube is the site where you go for quality reviews, even though YouTube is not a review platform, it is just a basic influencer tool. We’re certain video is the future of online reviews and there is an opportunity on the market right now, up for grabs.


Inside Futourist every exchange of value is going to happen through a transaction of a newly issued Futourist Token (FTR), an ERC20 :

• 5% of tokens will be reserved for OpenHours platform. Already existing platform that will give them a huge advantage when kickstarting the project was developed by the OpenHours company, but furthermore, with 1 mio monthly users, their platform will be ready to launch a lot faster.
• 25% of tokens will be available for the ICO crowdsale.
• 7% tokens will be available for future partners.

For more information, visit the Website or read the Whitepaper.


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