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Gibraltar Blockchain Exchange (GBX)

GBX Limited, a subsidiary of GSX Limited – the Gibraltar Stock Exchange (“GSX”), is launching an initial token sale (“Token Sale”) for the Gibraltar Blockchain Exchange (“GBX”) utility token, the Rock Token (“RKT”). The GBX aims to be the world’s first licensed and regulated token sale platform and digital asset exchange, operated by a European Union (“EU”) regulated stock exchange. Using a sponsor and rules-based system, the GBX will apply to be licensed by the Gibraltar Financial Services Commission (“GFSC”) under the Financial Services (Distributed Ledger Technology Providers) Regulations 2017 (“DLT Regulations”), which came into operation on 1 January 2018 in Gibraltar.
More specifically, GBX is expected to be:

– a global listing and token sales springboard for utility tokens that have satisfied a strict due diligence process and admission process set out in the “GBX Rules”; and
–  a high-quality digital asset exchange, including a marketplace where issuers of utility tokens, traders and investors can participate with confidence and trust in a platform where the tokens listed have been subjected to an institutional grade approval process.

The GSX intends to develop a fully tokenised stock exchange system that will aim to provide a pathway from listing and trading initial token sales through to accessing funding via the traditional bond market or equity issuance route. This should give issuers an opportunity to issue tokenised securities to a wider capital base.

GBX, the “Crypto Harbour”

GBX is a member of the GSX group of companies, of which GSX Group Limited is ultimate parent (“GSX Group”). GBX proposes to establish the Gibraltar Blockchain Exchange (GBX) and seek approval from the Gibraltar regulator within Gibraltar’s DLT regulatory framework. The aim is for GBX to become a fully integrated utility token sale platform and digital asset exchange (“GBX Market”) licensed under the DLT regulations during the first half of 2018.
GBX is in a unique position to offer the GBX Market within the environment of a stock exchange and therefore provide much-needed anti-money laundering and know-your-customer (“AML/KYC”) standards, quality control, accountability and transparency to the digital asset market. With the corporate governance, management expertise and regulatory experience of the GSX, GBX proposes to follow a similar governance and rules-based system for admission and trading of digital assets and cryptocurrencies.

GBX Ecosystem, the financial services and fintech ecosystem

GBX is expected to be different from other participants within the token and digital assets sector;
in addition to operating the GBX Market, and operating within the GSX Group that has the GSX Tokenised Securities Exchange, it is also expected to have a financial services and fintech ecosystem that will provide professional services to support a full spectrum of market participants (“GBX Ecosystem”).

The total offering is envisaged to ultimately comprise of:
(a) the GBX Market;
(b) the GSX Tokenised Securities Exchange;
(c) fund services (operational now);
(d) corporate services (operational now);
(e) business solutions (operational now); and
(f) digital e-money institution.


GBX will employ air gaps and other security protocols to minimise the risk of theft. GBX will adopt a multisig wallet security system whereby tokens deposited at GBX will be secured in various multisig wallets; and the majority of tokens will be stored offline in cold storage, while a small proportion of the tokens will remain in hot online storage allowing for faster transactions for users who perform deposits and withdrawals on the digital asset exchange. Wallets will be multi-layer and allow for storing and trading between tokens listed on GBX.

Token Sale

Token name- Rock Token
Ticker -RKT
Project name -“Gibraltar Blockchain Exchange” or “GBX”
Project summary -The Project comprises two key components:
-(a) establishing GBX, a marketplace for utility tokens and digital assets operating within Gibraltar’s regulatory framework;
-(b) creating a financial services and fintech ecosystem with multiple products and services.Public sale period Approximately early February 2018 unless fully sold prior.Confirmed date will be published in due course.
Total Token supply -900,000,000 RKT
Minimum sale target -USD $10,000,000
Token price for this-USD $0.10 = 1 RKT, exclusive of transaction fees or costs.


For more information, visit the WEBSITE or read the WHITEPAPER.


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