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GLOBCOIN Crypto Platform
GLOBCOIN Crypto Platform (GCP, or GC platform) provides the infrastructure to build baskets of currencies
corresponding to specific communities/users needs. GLOBCOIN belongs to a group that was founded in Geneva, Switzerland, in 1998 as Overlay Asset Management by Helie d’Hautefort. The firm’s founder aimed to start a company that would specialise solely in currency management for third parties. In 2001, BNP Paribas bought Overlay Asset Management SA because it was the first independent currency overlay manager in Europe.

For ensuring GLOBCOIN rapid expansion into world markets whilst integrating blockchain technology,
GLOBCOIN through RCS Zug, SA, will raise funds via a token sale.
The purpose of the Token sale (GCP) is to:
  • provide additional funding to enhance the current platform, taking advantage of the best of blockchain
  • make the platform available to the largest community of users
  • isseminate the use of dedicated baskets in specific regions of the World, in accordance with the local
    regulations that may apply in such places.
The GCP token is expected to directly benefit from the growth of the use of the platform through reward
The GLOBCOIN is a currency basket unit that tracks the 15 largest global currencies and gold. It follows an
intuitive and unbiased approach based on Purchasing Power Parity which evolves as the world economy
evolves. These characteristics allow the GLOBCOIN to act as a global store of value, effectively creating the
world’s first “reserve currency”. The portfolio of the basket aims to capitalise on the market trend towards a globalised and multipolar world by leveraging smart algorithms using the GDP of each country adjusted by the Purchasing Power Parity.


GLOBCOIN Ltd is a sister company registered in the UK. GLOBCOIN had its genesis in the desire to bring the
sophisticated techniques only available so far to large institutions to the man of the street level. The platform is accessible online or via an app, offering the combination of multi-currency payments and savings. GLOBCOIN® makes the life easier, cheaper and gives you full control when it comes to managing the foreign currency exposure. GLOBCOIN account like you would in any other bank account, E-wallet, travel card, etc.
transfer it into a range of different currencies, pay people, receive money, withdraw cash and buy things online.


The proceeds from the funds of the Token Sale will be dedicated to platform development, product
launch, marketing and PR, customer acquisition and partnership programs. They will also finance the
operations of GLOBCOIN for the next 2 years including legal and administration costs, operations,
administration, PR and marketing. It will enable them to hire the best talent in each field to reach the high
objectives we have as an ambition for GLOBCOIN.


The price appreciation of GCP will be driven by the rate of adoption of the Platform and the success of each
currency basket that are launched using the infrastructure. GCP token entitles holders to claim a reward on
transaction fees collected on the system every quarter. As the GCP token holders do not receive any dividends
and there is a limited number of tokens issued, if GLOBCOIN is widely adopted the value of the tokens is
expected to increase. A simple evaluation is to model the size of the market that GLOBCOIN can represent
and divided by the total number of tokens.
The target market is twofold:
-Cryptocurrency investors looking for a stable and asset-backed coin.
-National currencies holders wishing to diversify.


The mission of GLOBCOIN Crypto Platform is to help people preserve their purchasing power in a globalised
and multipolar world economy, capitalise on world market trends and provide a unique unit of exchange to be
used by people for global P2P payments. The first use case, the GLOBCOIN Reserve Currency perfectly fills the gap for global people living in a Global Village. As global residents, need global currency to care their environment, education, health from a global perspective. To achieve this mission, GLOBCOIN designs a value-driven alternative monetary system without the distortions of economic uncertainties. Unlike other cryptocurrencies, GLOBCOIN is a token but backed by real assets with real creditworthiness. GLOBCOIN will be used on a P2P base offering client cost-effective, convenient and instant transaction service with total transparency.

Core values of the GLOBCOIN Crypto Platform include:

  • Driven by Innovation.
  • Customer experience comes first.
  • Equal access to the issuance of GLOBCOIN for all communities in the world.
  • Transparency, democratic governance and organisational best practices at all levels.
  • Compliance with laws and regulations in jurisdictions in which the GLOBCOIN or its affiliated institutions are active. GLOBCOIN foundation will be responsible for GLOBCOIN’s regulation.


If you want more information, visit the WEBSITE and read the WHITEPAPER.

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