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Iconic – an investment and negotiation ecosystem for business assets

Iconic is an investment and negotiation ecosystem for business assets that utilizes blockchain technology. The company was born to strengthen and help mature the new crowd investment market that operates and establishes itself in a whole new universe, a universe of blockchain and other models of distributed trust. Iconic is the natural result of a market demand that found the perfect technology to meet it. To date, the crowd investment market has not identified an opportunity that would allow it to thrive in retail. Private investment contracts in the traditional market demand costs that are incompatible with the risk-return they offer, even when involving small amounts of investments. In addition, they are extremely bureaucratic while at the same time offering investors little liquidity,
resulting in the depreciation in value of the investments made. The blockchain and distributed trust technologies
revolutionized this universe and created a new category of assets, the first to genuinely utilize electronic assets, kicking off the Initial Coin Offerings (ICO) era.


To map Iconic’s market, it is necessary to analyze two markets that, together, integrate the scope in which the company operates:
1. blockchain and decentralized trust, where the Iconic ecosystem will be installed;
2. the crowdfunding market, including equity, which determines the business model.
The blockchain is an absolutely revolutionary technology that has the potential to directly impact many industries and markets due to its transparency and decentralized operation.

Crowdfunding, a business financing strategy through collective funding, initially innovated the ability to raise funds for promising projects. Offering return to the investor through services and giveaways or, as in the case of Equity
Crowdfunding, a stake in the business, this market today corresponds to the most popular non-conventional action to make businesses viable without the presence of intermediaries.

Crowdfunding on blockchain – ICOs
By integrating a company’s assets acquisition into a transparent and decentralized technology, it is possible to offer investors within the investment crowdfunding market a new set of features that help all sides of the business: investors, business and middlemen. At its core, the goals are the same as those of crowdfunding, where a company raises funds by sharing assets with a predefined counterpart for investors.


Iconic is an environment for financing businesses and projects by offering their electronic assets through blockchain technology (Initial Coin Offerings – ICO). Planned as an ecosystem to drive promising businesses through decentralized trust financing, Iconic enters the environment while a movement of evolution and exponential skipping take place.

  •  ASSURANCE   An environment providing security tools and services to ensure the reliability of negotiations.
  •  ECOSYSTEM  Iconic offers an ecosystem with three connected channels that cover all possible phases of an ICO.
  •  COIN WITH BALLAST  To provide stability and constant growth, the NIC, Iconic’s token, will have its value guaranteed through a ballast fund.
  • MARKET   A possibility to extend blockchain technology to companies and businesses of all sizes and types.
  • PRE-LAUNCHED ICOs  The first two ICOs already agreed by Iconic represent impacting and relevant businesses.
  • ESCROW   The guarantee of assurance in the administration of raised resources through the presence of an independent manager.


The mission of forming a complete environment for the development of ICOs pointed us to the need to create a coin-token to serve all the internal functions of the ecosystem and that could, at the same time, also serve as an instrument for the entire structure of formation and expansion of Iconic to various markets. The NIC, Iconic’s own cryptocurrency, was created having that in mind. Because it is fundamental to the Iconic project, the NIC has several uses within its ecosystem.

 For more information, visit the Website or read the Whitepaper.
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