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ImmVRse – a revolutionary blockchain-based VR content-sharing platform

ImmVRse is a decentralised website, iOS and android application which utilises a standard Ethereum based ERC20 token to create its own eco-system. Therefore it is neither considered nor classified as a crypto-asset. Although tokens are designed to be traded in multiple exchanges across the globe, this does not necessarily provide a guarantee or an immediate increase of price. The sale of the tokens constitutes the distribution of a fully legal web and mobile application under the laws of the United Kingdom. ImmVRse will be treated and utilised as a DAPP TOKEN and will respectively be integrated as a form of payment. This whitepaper should be used for general understanding of the concept and does not constitute nor intend to provide any form of professional investment advice to the contributors either new or experienced in the world of cryptocurrency. Anyone willing to participate in ImmVRse ICO will therefore independently be required to understand the risks and implications. Details of terms are set aside by the company’s appointed law firm, regulated by the Solicitor Regulation Authority in the UK. For ease of understanding for potential users and ICO participators, this whitepaper is available in multiple languages.


They strongly believe that Virtual Reality will play a significant part in their lives during the next decade. This will come in many different forms and affect a wide range of business segments. Already, they are seeing huge transformations in the medical, gaming, manufacturing and educational sectors where substantial investments have been made in both hardware and software. The demand for specific and quality content unlocks opportunities for creative, collaborative and contribution of VR production, thus gradually revolutionising the virtual reality industry as a whole. They are confident that blockchain will provide the chance to create a more secure and transparent platform for a new generation of VR content creators, permitting them to showcase their work to a global reach of businesses, from start-ups all the way up to big corporations. Smart contracts in conjunction with cryptocurrency will inevitably improve upon the current payment methods by adding the missing layer of trust and drive real values for all members of the Eco-system. Their long-term vision is to become one of the largest decentralised creative platforms; a self-sustaining and autonomous network that utilises a personalised cryptocurrency as a tradable commodity.


Virtual Reality (VR) is the umbrella term for all immersive experiences created using real-world content,
purely artificial content or a hybrid of both. Within this, there are 4 core types:
– 360° Video
– Computer Generated VR (CGVR)
– Augmented Reality (AR)
– Mixed Reality (AR)


The User Retention Engine has been designed specifically to balance the circulation supply of ImmVRse tokens, in order to stabilise any unpredicted volatility. The application will attract casual users – viewers who can simply sign up and use the application to watch VR videos, similar to YouTube. Users are able to like, comment and share their videos. By interacting with the app, the viewers are rewarded with a small portion of ImmVRse tokens. The flow of payment is controlled using smart contracts and the system takes a percentage of advertiser’s payment, holding it in escrow until the T&Cs are met. Once the creator has completed the task, they are paid in the form of ImmVRse tokens. The tokens can then be stored in their ImmVRse Wallet or sold in an exchange with any other crypto or fiat currencies.

Source: youtube/ImmVRse

For more information, visit the WEBSITE or read the Whitepaper.

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