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JOLYY – online beauty booking platform

JOLYY has been operating an online beauty booking platform which will be upgraded using blockchain technology. Their mission is to disrupt the existing market for online beauty booking by providing an innovative and highly effective beauty booking platform. JOLLY is proposing a smart solution that will digitize the business and is more effective than any existing solution.

The blockchain technology of JOLYY will allow all transactions and payments to be made in minutes, free of charge for both parties. Moreover, their solution will provide much more favourable conditions to the beauty experts that are using the platform. This cost effective model is guarantee that they will manage to attract the beauty industry
as it translates directly to more money in its pocket.


Their platform is a website where all vendors willing to participate will be listed. Clients can search the list through various criteria. When they choose a service, they can see the schedule of the specific beauty expert, choose an available timeslot and make an appointment with a few clicks. The specialist receives a push notification on their phone with the appointment automatically going into their schedule.

In order the online beauty booking to be successful, online bookings have to be integrated with the offline ones. Current platforms do not provide an easy way to fill up the schedule with offline bookings and these hours stay unavailable for internet customers. That is one of the reasons virtually none of the vendors listed on current sites updates their schedule online. The other major reason is the costly commissions.

JOLYY has a solution – their 3-step model (patent pending) for beauty experts to book available hours:

  1. Name of the client – the first time it is made manually. Once entered, the name will be saved and will appear as a proposal, so that next time it does not have to be filled up again.
  2. Beauty procedure – choose from a list with one click.
  3. Book an hour –choose day and timefrom the available hours.

This simple model is taking seconds, it is user-friendly and saves time. Their aim is each client of their vendors to book through the platform and save time from telephone conversations and paper work.

The Beauty Social Network

JOLYY is the first to offer a social platform in this industry.

They are planning to develop an additional feature for our clients – a social network JOLYY live. This option is rooted in the present version as well. JOLYY live will be the social place where vendors will be able to upload pictures and comments of what they have done in their salon on a daily basis. The users can like them, make comments,
follow vendors or other users and upload and share pictures.\

The JOLYY live network will allow advertising payed with JOY (for example: brands will advertise and position products with they and will pay with JOY, which will produce additional demand and increase the market price of JOY ).

The Beauty Market

The on-line beauty booking platform is a new market niche which appeared 3-4 years ago. This market is rapidly developing in countries like USA, Austria, Brazil, Singapore and UAE. Their product is gaining popularity, especially among young people and the urban population. Their plans are to go global as soon as possible. JOLYY’s aim is to be the first on all markets that don’t offer this service yet and disrupt the markets currently occupied by overcharging players.


JOYs will be used as a payment method in the platform and in the JOLYY Store

Customers can get JOLYY in the following ways:

  • buy it from a cryptocurrency stock exchange
  • buy it from the JOLYY platform
  • buy an offline or online gift certificate
  • earn JOY by giving ratings and making comments for salons or by other games and promotions on the platform
  • earn by booking appointments through the platform. Statistics will be generated for every user regarding their bookings, etc., where there will be monthly winners, etc.


If you want more information, visit the WEBSITE. 

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