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Larson&Holz is not just a web-site, it is a real company. The company has been in the market since 2004;  has a large number of offices and partners in different countries of Asia, Europe and Latin America. Over a hundred first-rate professionals, fluent in 10 languages, are employed by the Company.  The main advantage of our ICO is that it is based on a business model that has worked for years, has proven its efficiency, and allows to provide assurances to their investors.

Why do they say that are “THE FiRST CRYPTO BROKER” ?

Usually a crypto broker is believed to be a simple currency exchange office . This is a profitable and useful business, but there is nothing new about it.

This business is similar to gambling and is one of the most profitable and popular online businesses, particularly in Asia.

The groups of traders and crypto currency users often overlap. Attracting cryptocurrencies holders to trading and, on the other side, offering crypto currency accounts to the acting traders will increase the broker’s client base significantly and will contribute to the success of the project.

What is CASH BACK?

This is their “secret weapon”. It makes project unique, and it is connected to the specific features of their business. The funds inflow is essential for any broker and any Forex broker in particular. The incoming client inflow is made up of the funds transferred to the broker’s accounts and then used for trading.
– It is important to process these transactions at high speed, low cost.

Why does the company run an ICO and how much does the company invest?

Larson&Holz is constantly evolving and investing its funds into different projects connected to the Internet trading. Creating a crypto
broker is just one of the projects, though, indeed, it’s one of the top-priority projects.

Even a large and successful company like Larson&Holz finds it difficult to support several different projects at the same time.
Furthermore, they invest the broker’s funds into this project. The broker does not add its own funds only if the investments surpass the “OPTIMAL’.’ level by at least 20%, i.e. if the total amounts to 12 mln.

In any other case the company will invest its own funds and its tangible and intangible assets, such as trained staff, offices and technological solutions.

Apart from attracting additional financial resources, they are interested in ICO due to the following reasons:

  • To draw Blockchain community’s attention to this project;
  • To find new potential clients and partners among cryptocurrencies users;
  • To create they own domestic currency based on the #LHCoin token, which is impossible without the required number of investors.

#LHCoin tokens will grow in price?

7 reasons for #LHC tokens to grow:

  1. # LHCoin is supported by the efficient Larson&Holz business.
  2. # LHCoin is a token with a monthly income from operational activity. It is known as CASHBACK.
  3. # LHCoin is token of limited issuen, smart contract implies that all the remaining tokens are destroyed after the ICO is over.
  4. # LHCoin is a token, which is guaranteed to grow in price (at least 20% annually); the broker provides the insurance by accruing bonuses to Larson&Holz accounts. This system is called ‘Token Rate Insurance System”.
  5. # LHCoin is a token which we plan to introduce to at least three of the world’s TOP-10 exchange markets.
  6. # LHCoin is a token with the market value supported through direct investments into the marketing budget from the Larson&Holz parent institutions (we invest our funds just as our investors do).
  7. # LHCoin is a token that will be accepted by the broker as a means of payment at the final stage of the project.


Traders community and cryptocurrencies community are overlapping; this is why they think that their project will attract the crypto community’s attention, they expect to find new active clients among them.

If you want more information, visit the WEBSITE and read the WHITEPAPER.

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