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Motivation Behind The Experty Platform

The Experty Platform

The main purpose of the projects is to offer an avenue to connect two or more people so that they may conduct a paid knowledge exchange via online voice or video call. In this document we identify the participants as knowledge seeker and knowledge provider. However, Experty’s possible use cases are wider than just knowledge exchange. It can include calls with celebrities for charity actions or one-on-one private video chats. The Experty platform consists of applications available for mobile, web, and desktop. Users are also able to send free text messages between each other in order to discuss the terms further if needed. Text messaging can also be disabled by the provider if
they so choose. Voice or video calls are always paid, charging by the providers predetermined rate.

The Experty platform is based on an Ethereum network contract which acts as the back-end for the
service. The website and applications store the information about the usage history of all users.


The most likely use cases for Experty will occur for professionals who are well known or casual users with a niche following. Professional users may include lawyers, medical providers, programmers, professors, business advisors, etc.; and casual users may include bloggers or YouTubers, celebrities and influencers, webcam models, and charitable causes.


By desing, their OC and off-chain processe are perfectly able to cover any type of unit of money per time exchange. Although Experty is purely about information exchange, they see many more potential use cases of the contract itself. The OC architecture provides a way to utilize signed off-chain transactions done through Experty. Due to the possible inefficiency of registering calls directly on the Blockchain, the recipient uses a signed confirmation of the call to lock the caller’s funds on the contract until the call finishes. During the call, the recipient receives additional confirmation from the caller each second. After finishing the call, he or she uses the most recent confirmation in order to transfer the funds to their balance and unlock the remaining caller’s funds.


In order to empirically test the user experience and  gather feedback on the platform, they built a proof-of-concept, prototype version of the application. The current platform does not contain the full set of features that will be included in the production version of the mobile software. However, the prototype allows to test the concept and be sure the smart contracts are working as intended.

Initial funds allocation

The main focus will be on software developement, research, and marketing to the blockchain community.  They use for blockchain
companies, such as and Bitcoin Suisse, who already to work with for their test pilot programs.
Initial funds allocation will include:
• SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT. Their team will build the first fully functional version of the app, which will use Experty tokens to process payments.
• LEARNING. They will gather feedback from the users.
• COMMUNITY. They will build a community around people who regularly use cryptocurrencies. Their first users will come from this community before the app is massmarket user friendly.
• PREPARATION. To prepare for mass adoption, they continue to improve the app’s user experience based on feedback.
• MARKETING. They use funds to market the Experty mobile and desktop application directly to the blockchain community, and once they are ready, to a wider audience.


If you want more information, visit the ANN thread and the WEBSITE and read the WHITEPAPER.


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