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OnLive Network – a live video streaming protocol supported by Blockchain technology
The On.Live platform allows users to provide almost any service to anyone from anywhere and become a broadcaster and earn money for presenting valuable content in various business models (Pay Per View, Pay Per Minute, In-Stream Payments). The main goal of the Project is to be the market leader in the live advising platform market where the customer will always find a team of specialists and valuable content on hand to provide easy access to their knowledge.
The OnLive platform creates a large blockchain ecosystem enabling the sale of services through live broadcasts and place for stream content live and sell it to a wide audience at affordable prices.
They use blockchain to control transactions and settlements (tokens) and they have their own platform for real-time communication, trading and dealings.
Live Services – The marketplace gives service providers the ability to sell their services to anyone who needs them. It enables scheduling of live broadcasts, broadcasting in HD quality in real time, convenient billing, chat and dedicated offers, ONL tokens payments.
This applies to many industries – Lawyers, Doctors, Weight Loss, Job seeking, Fitness, Education, Insurance, Language Learnings, Financial advice, etc.
OnLive Network is a live video streaming protocol supported by Blockchain technology. Thanks to blockchain it assures full decentralization, high scalability and open market for uncensored live media broadcasts all over the world. Thanks to OnLive Network everyone can become a Broadcaster and earns money for presenting valuable content in various business models: Pay Per View, Pay Per Minute, In-Stream Payments, Advertising, Tips / Donations, Subscription Plans, etc. OnLive solves bunch of problems from the offline world where one needs direct face-to-face contact with a professional to get essential advice. This is often problematic and costly. Access to this type of service should be fast, easy and the unlimited and always of the highest quality, and it is possible thanks to OnLive Network.

Live Services Marketplace

The Live Services Marketplace is a place in which every service provider/creator will be able to offer its services via online (web and mobile), video and audio broadcasts, whereas every service consumer/viewer will be able to use it quickly by searching the offers of reliable specialists ready to provide those services. The platform may be compared to an online market of live video services where every consumer can find specialists, talented individuals and companies offering various types of service such as: medical consultations, legal consultations, other professional advisory or for instance guitar lessons, both online and mobile apps.


ONL Token is a standard ERC20 token deployed on the Ethereum network. It has a predefined, limited supply, is easily integrable with both decentralized and traditional exchanges. Its total supply is equal to 100 mln units and is divisible up to 18 decimal places. No additional tokens will be mined or minted in the future. In the final version (OnLive Network version 1.0), ONL token is a cryptocurrency that allows instant and costs free transactions inside the OnLive Network. ONL tokens serve as a sole payment method inside the OnLive Network. Users use ONL tokens for paying to the Broadcasters for the content they provide or for one-to-one online video-services, to Transcoders for transcoding services and to Relay Nodes for broadcasts.
OnLive Network is a complete economic market. The more users join the OnLive Network the higher ONL tokens utility is. ONL token can be also used as a value transfer mechanism between users inside the OnLive Network and on sites that use OnLive technology and that are part of the OnLive Network (eg fit.fit).


Transactions Security
Transactions between all parties are secured by the blockchain and Smart Contracts. In the final version of OnLive Network there is no need for a trusted authority to confirm all transactions between all parties.
Content Security
The content broadcast by Broadcasters is encrypted in way that only chosen Transcoders and Recipients who have paid for the transmission are able to decrypt it.

For more information, visit the Website or read the Whitepaper.


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