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REAL ESTATE MARKET – a decentralized Blockchain based Peer to Peer transaction platform that makes property projects more accessible, transparent, cheaper and seamless on a global scale. In essence it allows participants a secure platform to control their own property project at a fraction of the current cost whilst having exposure to a global audience.

Property Listing Platform

Allow the seller to be in control of their listing Enable buyers to interact directly with the seller Ultra-secure platform using the latest security protocols and designs Challenging all the major real estate listing platforms Reduced listing fees Global audience of buyers. Real Property Token is interested in talking with all participants in Real Estate transactions and services.


Trillions of dollars are spent each and every year on property settlements with billions of fiat dollars paid in transaction fees alone, allowing buyers and sellers to settle their contracts. As Cryptocurrencies disrupt the financial
markets and gain traction they provide an opportunity for all participants to reduce their fees to a fraction of the cost they currently are. By building a brand now, and creating revenue from day one, Real Property Token will ensure it
can be there and capitalize as the market transitions from fiat usage to Crypto usage.

The soft cap for Real Property Token is 5 million tokens. In the event that the Real Property Token Sale does not achieve this amount we will provide further information on how you can withdraw back your funds.
No more than 100 million RPTs will be created and we will not be accepting more payments if this token count is achieved. Any tokens not sold at the end of the Token Sale will be distributed to token holders who
participate in the initial projects at an approximate rate of 10%, until all tokens are distributed. RPTs will be listed and traded on multiple cryptocurrency exchanges to provide liquidity for token holders upon completion of the Token Sale.


The generated tokens will be distributed at a rate of 70:30 between the Token Sale and Real Property Token. From Real Property Tokens 30%, Founders will receive 5%, Team Members and Advisors will receive 5%, Marketing will receive 10% and a reserve fund of 10% will be held to ensure all Token Sale requests can be fulfilled. The Founders and Company tokens are held in trust and will not be available to the market to be traded until 2019.


All funds are secured by multiple wallets.  22% of all funds raised during the Token Sale will be held in a reserve
fund. 17.5 million Tokens are held in trust until 2019 Real Property Token are a incorporated in Hong Kong and are
regulated under Hong Kong law. RPTs are a digital token and characterised as “a virtual commodity” under Hong Kong’s Securities and Futures Commission and aren’t subject to regulation. Real Property Token will communicate regularly with the community via authorised online platforms regarding the progress of the Roadmap and the stated projects as well as presenting financial accounts at the annual Real Property Token conference.


If you want more information, visit the WEBSITE and read the WHITEPAPER.


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