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Refereum – a new promising ICO

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Among our search through our ICOpub, we have discovered an useful project for gamers. There is a hysteria around Cryptokitties and there might be another one related to Refereum. Its aim is to cut out marketing middleman by directly rewarding influencers and gamers to promote and play video games.

I’ve been studying it carefully and I will describe it shortly:


Over $170 billion has been spent on digital advertising annually in recent years , yet the industry is plagued with legacy inefficiencies. At $108 billion annually, video games are one of the largest and most profitable segments of the entertainment industry, surpassing the US film industry. Unfortunately, recent years show that game budgets have shifted from content creation to skyrocketing marketing costs enforced by the current monopoly on advertising avenues. While game streamers and content creators have amassed the most subscribers of anyone on the internet, they remain frustrated by the limited opportunities to monetize their followings; their fate is decided by centralized platforms. A generation’s dream of being paid to play video games is locked behind an industry status quo enforced by monopolizing marketing corporations.


The Refereum (RFR) utility token is a decentralized referral marketing and cash reward platform that solves these problems.

Refereum’s open-market approach removes the legal costs of individualized marketing deals while making digital advertising middlemen irrelevant. Instead of letting marketing budgets go to another advertising conglomerate, Refereum funds engagement for cash awards in the gaming community and enables superior acquisition of new players. Refereum directly connects these groups, allowing gamers to make money sharing and playing video games, influencers to effectively monetize their followings, and studios to maximize the efficiency of marketing spend
and player engagement.

Great team

Refereum is backed by a veteran game industry team with leadership experience from Electronic Arts, Zynga, Google, and other prominent gaming and platform roles. The smart contracts have been written by world-renowned white hat cryptography and cryptocurrency experts who have served from Tether to Polybius, and other similar high-profile initiatives. Refereum is advised by Twitch, the world’s largest gaming influencer platform, and Unity, the most widely used game engine in the industry.

I don’t know about you guys, but I am excited about this project! Hurry up and support these guys!

Check this video below for more information, visit their website, and read their Whitepaper! We strongly recommend it.


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