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Restart Energy

Restart Energy is building a global energy supply platform using blockchain protocol to democratize a sector
burdened by bureaucracy and transaction costs, freeing up capital, saving consumers money, helping local
small producers earn more and allowing real peer to peer direct energy trading using existing infrastructure. Restart Energy is the fastest growing energy and gas provider operating in an EU regulated environment in Romania, offering an innovative and customer-centric service with greater transparency. Restart Energy is building blockchain infrastructure for a global energy supply platform by connecting energy consumers directly to producers in a 3600 incentivizing ecosystem. Presently there are 35 countries with deregulated energy markets accounting for 44% of the worlds energy consumption building up a 2 Trillion USD market size. Restart Energy is targeting retail electrical energy consumers and prosumers mainly households and SME’s from the European Union, North America and APAC region.


Restart Energy Democracy (RED): The first global online energy provider.
Restart Energy is developing a blockchain-based platform with a single, intuitive user interface allowing for global energy supply that will help it become the next generation utility company.The Restart Energy Democracy Platform (RED) connects energy producers and traders with retail customers around the globe in a transparent, decentralized manner; creating added value for all the parties by employing blockchain to remove several layers of costs associated with bureaucracy and transaction costs. By rearranging the way transactions are settled in a transparent manner using blockchain, producers will be able to sell their energy at a price 30% higher compared to the wholesale price to high numbers of lowvolume retail customers, who will then pay 30% less using existing grid infrastructure and the RED platform administered by Restart Energy.
Furthermore, they intend to develop a new standard of cryptographic green certificates on Blockchain that will
be awarded to consumers of renewable energy. The green certificates will store information about the source of energy, the producer, the consumer/user and the owner of the certificates. They believe that by creating a transparent and accountable standard of cryptographic green certificates that can be traded on secondary markets they add incentives to consumers for consuming renewable energy and ultimately increasing the revenues of the producers.

Restart Energy’s aim is to become the largest global energy supplier without owning the grid.

The blockchain technology is unlocking the door to a new energy sharing economy transforming the old consumption patterns. Restart Energy is creating a global energy sharing ecosystem based on the blockchain technology. Presently, the services needed to provide electricity to the consumer can roughly be divided into four
categories detailed below: generation, transmission, distribution, and retail.

Restart Energy Democracy Platform (RED-P)

The global Restart Energy Democracy platform (RED-P) software allows consumers and producers to register and change supplier, compare tariffs, see consumptions and pay invoices with cryptocurrency and tokens. The platform empowers users to buy, sell and trade energy among each other – worldwide. Restart Energy, provides the sales, marketing and other infrastructure including invoicing systems and process automation systems necessary for supplying energy to a large number of consumers to local private energy providers around the world while receiving a fee per unit of consumption as its revenue. RED-P provides transparency and improves efficiency throughout the value chain under its control. It uses several innovative systems and processes, including web and mobile apps, wireless metering and effortless online switching of suppliers with superior customer service and zero bureaucracy, enabling consumers to effectively acquire and manage their energy needs and achieve savings. Restart Energy uses the blockchain technology as the basis of this platform to apply its inherent nature of transparency, decentralization, and security.

Decentralized energy trading platform

Restart Energy is setting up a decentralized energy trading platform based on blockchain technology (Restart Energy Democracy platform or RED-P), which will enable anyone to trade energy using the tokens or fiat currencies in any deregulated energy market in the world. This will revolutionize the way people purchase their energy needs and the way energy producers sell their production.

The proposed platform in its very nature will provide the following benefits:

  • Power to the people: everyone will be able to register, buy, sell, consume and trade the RED MegaWatt Tokens on the crypto-energy trading platform
  • Open an entire new market: facilitate and secure a transparent peer-to-peer exchange and contribute to developing cryptocurrencies as a payment instrument increasing demand
  • Restart Energy will also be able to provide delivery and offtake or purchased and sold energy


For more information, visit the WEBSITE or read the WHITEPAPER.

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