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Robotina – Save electricity. Save Money. Save the planet.

For the first time in the history, opportunity, technology, as well as legal and social conditions are favourable and ready for the Robotina Platform to step onto the stage. Internet of Things, Blockchain Technology (enabling smart contracts) and Artificial intelligence bring great benefits to users and investors. Connected to the Robotina Platform, an enabling Universe, empowered people will save the electricity by using smart grids in order to save and earn money and reduce the pollution of planet. They won’t do more, they will just do it smarter! The Robotina Platform will be a vertical, high-tech all-inclusive enabling solution, consisting of connected Internet of Things (IoT) elements (things, processes, data, people) and the Power Platform (PP). It will use Smart Rules, Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain technologies. It will be run in the cloud, available as a service. Robotina Platform and connected IoT will execute thousands of calculations per second. Each calculation will result in a small benefit and a small slice of revenue, which will accumulate every second. At the end of the day, this will become the driving force of the business.


Their society is in the phase of digital transformation, a process, which is changing it as deeply and widely as never before. Energy chain and electrical grids are not an exemption, even more – they are the driving force of changes. Dramatic changes in their energy “picture” happened over previous years and will strongly continue in the next decade. Introduction of renewable energy resources, like usage of solar, wind and other green technologies and the reduction of traditional “dirty” sources like coal or nuclear, contributes to higher and less predictable fluctuations in overall energy production. Utility companies and grid operators, which must keep the grid stable by matching the consumption and generation at any time, encounter technical and financial challenges to execute this essential task.The coming of mass introduction of electrical vehicles, which need fast recharging, will further destabilize the grid and increase the cost to meet this growing demand.
To summarize, pain is the most important generator of changes and actually, the pain is already severe because of:
  • Growth of energy consumption;
  • Continuous increase of energy costs;
  • Increased costs for grid stabilization due to usage of renewable energy;
  • High costs and time to implement new infrastructures;
  • Need to preserve the natural environment.

THE SOLUTION: IoT + AI + Blockchain

Robotina developed and continues to develop a combination of platform and connected things, which maximizes benefits for users by smartly using power and energy trading in “smart grids”. To do so, AI patented based multi-objective optimization is the best strategy. Users’ direct benefit is reduced energy cost, improved control over their assets, and finally, improved comfort, safety and security. Things and users connect to the Robotina Platform, which not only provides its services in real time, and with real time/real world data from IoT, but also uses them to provide real, measurable benefits to users and to the community. This brings people, things and businesses together and it offers a unique virtual community with structure, which facilitates various collaborative business models. By doing this, the Robotina Platform provides an attractive marketplace, where businesses can access millions of connected things and users to offer various services regulated by smart contracts. The platform collects commissions from transactions on behalf of the community. Funds are used to improve the platform. Members’ benefits are explained later in this document.


The platform will provide several benefits to the users and offer new revenue streams for the active participation of community members. The marketplace will be the central business area of the platform. All the transactions will take place in the marketplace. As already described the Robotina platform offers some native (embedded) benefits, while the marketplace provides an organized business environment, which enables users to generate and participate in different business initiatives.


Robotina will follow rigid guidelines of internal and external compliance to influence industry practices and establish itself as the credible Smart House Community in the blockchain industry. All digital assets under Robotina’s ownership will be distributed among different multi signature wallets. None of the wallets or transactional accounts will have a single point access. Access will be distributed and rotated in accordance with internal compliance factors. None of the wallets or transactional accounts will hold more than 10 % of the total assets. Recovery phrases and key access codes will be secured at the designated bank without a single person having access. This will be further clarified in the “General Terms and Conditions”. Security guidelines will include, but will not be limited to: performing internal compliance checks, monitoring of effectiveness, eliminating one-point access to the running of data algorithms and stored assets, performing a third-party audit report, ensuring the integrity of data sources, fulfilling of background checks for business partners, transparency of accounting figures, and disclosure of private holdings or other decision influencing factors. Robotina will have an independent auditing process, which will be performed by a third party on an annual basis. The report will cover:
  • Stated balance in terms of assets at fund inception;
  • Overview of placed, burned, and executed transactions;
  • Community effectiveness and proposed optimization strategies;
  • Evaluation of compliance procedures and identified shortcomings.
The third party auditing company will be disclosed via a press release before the inception of the Robotina platform.

For more information,visit the Website or read the Whitepaper.

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