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Sharpe Capital Platform

Sharpe Capital is an industry leading team of seasoned, experienced corporate professionals and entrepreneurs who act as trusted advisors helping startups and growth companies to raise capital funding. With their distribution network of more than 400,000 investors, Sharpe Capital targets investors based on their fund size and availability, deal size and structure, investment mandate and criteria, and geographical preferences. The Sharpe Platform, supported by issuance of SHP cryptotokens, achieves this by developing models that capture the complex relationships between microeconomic asset data and its market value using state-of-the-art machine learning technology, together with the ability to assess its own perceptions of current market behaviour as a whole through independent incorporation of two sources of participant sentiment analysis.

Sharpe Capital Investment Platform

The Sharpe Capital Investment Platform consists of a new form of quantitative trading model utilising the latest advancements in economic theory and cognitive science, integrated with advanced statistical and machine learning analysis of microeconomic, macroeconomic, participant sentiment and news/social media emotional content analysis. This permits the development of a high ‘alpha’ fund aiming to achieve significantly better riskadjusted
returns than tracker funds. The sections predominantly concerned with describing the Investment Platform are section 5, discussing development of the quantitative trading model itself, and section 6, describing how they will crowd-source sentiment using the Ethereum blockchain, and paying ETH to contributors in exchange for their insight.

The sharpe investment platform quantitative trading model

This section provides an overview of the quantitative modelling approach Sharpe Capital will utilise to determine investments. They discuss the grounding of their model in economic theory and cognitive sciences, and provide a
brief overview of the core technologies they are utilising and how they are combining them to derive accurate price forecasts and asset data streams. This platform was conceived by Sharpe Capital’s Chief Investment Officer, James A. Butler PhD in collaboration with CEO Lewis M. Barber, with additional contributions across their core team and advisory board. J. A. Butler holds a position as Research Fellow at the University of Oxford, and has 7 years of doctoral and post-doctoral research in delivering novel approaches to the development of robust, fit-for-purpose predictive models at the intersection of complex systems analysis, traditional statistics, data science, and machine learning.

Token dynamics

SHP Pre-Sale
The SHP pre-sale will go live 7 days before the SHP crowd-sale. This will be open to participants making sizeable contributions, and discounts will be offered in proportion to the size of the contribution being made. The pre-sale will start on Monday 6th November 2017 at 14:00 UTC, with the discounts described in Table 1 automatically applied. Payments of ETH must be submitted during their pre-sale window and SHP will be issued when the crowd-sale goes live. White-list registered contributors will be able to participate for the first 48 hours of the sale only.

KYC: Data Collection

Prior to contribution, they will require participants to provide a name, address and telephone number. Participants will be asked to confirm they are not resident in Singapore or China. Additionally if participants are US citizens, or their primary domicile is within the US, they will be asked to confirm they are accredited participants.


For more information, visit the WEBSITE or read the WHITEPAPER.

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