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Sine – a blockchain-powered music streaming service

Sine is a blockchain-powered music streaming service. It offers the audi-ence the SINE cryptocurrency as a reward for their activities on content selection such as choosing the best new tracks or creating popular play-lists. They believe that recognizing and rewarding this curatorial work is the key to creating the most active and fastest growing music community in the world, and hence an ideal plat-form for the musicians to demon-strate and promote their work.


  • To create a streaming servicethat will be free of charge foractive users and serve as asource of income for people.
  • To build the most effectiveplatform for music promotion.
  • To increase income fromstreaming for artists by creatinga service with more valueand revenue compared to theexisting ones.

The market will develop so that there are a hand-ful of global services. The good news is that they’re all trying to differentiate themselves. If they want to attract hundreds of millions of people to paying services, must recognise that music fans will have different preferences for how they engage with music. The ideal scenario for mar-ket development is that these global services all take a different approach and appeal to different music fans.


For music listeners:

Paid subscription.    Unfortunately, most of the users do not want to pay even $9.99 per month for music. Apple Music has no free version and this is a major draw-back for the growth of its audience. Only 30% of Spotify users are paying subscribers, but they generate 90% of its revenue. There is no pricing flexibility – there are no other options be-tween plans for overall cost and free account.

Search for new music.    Access to a huge amount of mu-sic from around the world makes high-quality sorting and selection of music a necessity. Despite the evolv-ing technologies for computer pro-cessing of large data, users still lead in music selection. The quantity and quality of the selected content can be improved if it is recognized as valu-able work that is vital to any music service and if the users are rewarded for their activity.

SINE tokens

Sine provides SINE tokens to the usersas rewards for their actions aimedat improving content quality andpromoting the best musical material. These tokens can be used to pay for asubscription to the service, they can beused to make the service free, or canbe cashed out through an exchange.

Token sale

Sine plans to attract investments via the Initial Coin Offering (ICO) method, by issuing its own tokens (SINE) with a limited emission, corresponding to ERC20 standard. After the ICO, no coins will be issued, so any inflation is ruled out. The token will use a smart contract written in the Solidity lan-guage.
Total supply is 400,000,000 SINE tokens. 200,000,000 SINE are being offered for sale.
They will be sold in two stages with limited pre-sale, then during the general sale. SINE can be obtained online at a price per token of 1 SINE = 0.001ETH (approx. $0.3) with pay-ment in cryptocurrency. Ether (“ETH”) will be the only method of payment accepted. The remaining 50% of the fixed supply (200,000,000 SINE) are not available via the token sale and will be allocated.


If you want more information, visit the WEBSITE and read the WHITEPAPER.

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