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SKYFchain Operating Platform ( SKYFchain OP )

SKYFchain Operating Platform (hereinafter SKYFchain OP ) is the first B2R (business – to – robots ) blockchain based operating platform applicable globally in all sectors of a developing cargo robotics industry. It will be initially developed and tested by using the first industrial cargo airborne robot – SKYF drone – which will also give SKYFchain instant access to its client base for development of unmanned business processes. Later all other unmanned cargo systems : in the air, on the ground and at the sea will be connected to SKYFchain . The first feedback from their customers in oil and gas industry confirms that if they switch from helicopters to cargo drones they can supply their on – shore rigs with 5 to 10 times less cost. SKYFchain as a blockchain with built – in smart contracts will provide trusted source of data and reasonable control over unmanned assets for clients, logistics operators, insurance and leasing companies, banks, and authorities worldwide.

SKYFchain OP business model

Logistics business processes today are designed with a human beingin mind , either as a customer or a controller etc. Autopilots for cargo robots , AI and the developing field of IOT hints that one day , robots may work without being directly controlled by an individual . This would bring enormous savings since currently , around 50% of costs in logistics is in labor . The field in cargo robotics will require investments , and investments need insurance, risk management and control. Thus , unmanned cargo robots may become an asset which would require new types of regulations and business processes. They are planning to develop them in the SKYFchain Operating Platform.

Imagini pentru SKYFchain OP business model

The main purpose of the SKYFchain OP is to integrate information for all market participants and organize the execution of smart – contracts for transactions. Transactions may vary in value and frequency. The platform will collect commissions from each transaction. All transactions will be paid in USD or other fiat currency but executed in system using the SKYFT tokens. SKYFT token will be the internal currency of the platform. Only 1.2 bn tokens will be issued at ICO in form of Ethereum ERC20 tokens. This is fixed amount for all system. They are going to test the platform using SKYF drones, then they shall educate drone producers and integrate other drones into the system. When sea – borne and ground – borne cargo robots come in to the market, they shall integrate them as well by organizing workshops with respective associations of producers .

SKYF drone

The first and foremost heavy cargo drone introduced in the world was the SKYF. It is highly versatile in nature and has the distinct features of landing and vertical take-off capabilities. The SKYF drone is the best drone, while compared with the other drones available in the market. It finds a variety of applications in the industry of cargo robots. In addition, it also has its applications in some other fields such as logistics, agriculture and emergency relief.

About the Token

  • SKYFchain is using the SKYFT token — a utility token issued in ICO.
  • Fixed amount of 1 200 000 000 tokens
  • The final price of the ICO will be ~0.065 USD for 1 SKYFT token.
  • SKYFT is US SEC compliant and available to US investors.
  • SKYFchain® Operating System Internal Currency

Source: youtube/SKYFchain

For more information, visit the WEBSITE or read the Whitepaper.

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