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Social Wallet – Integrating Cryptocurrency Into Social Networks

Social Wallet is currently a fully functioning platform that allows cryptocurrency to be sent over traditional social media. WIRE is their utility token that facilitates the functionality of their platform. Think Binance Coin’s utility where the transaction fee is paid in WIRE tokens. Wire will also be the first token listed on the platform that can be sent across social media. Essentially they are an exchange who can list any crypto currency it desires on their platform instantly giving the access to send their native cryptocurrency over social media. As of right now, they have Facebook, Twitter, and all email providers integrated. In the first 12 months they will have integrated 14 of the top social networks in the world. Within their platform, they have created a “Zero Knowledge Recipient.” This means a user can send to a person on social media and the recipient doesn’t need any prior knowledge the transaction has occurred nor a wallet pre-downloaded. The user is notified on their social media account that crypto has been sent to them. They click on the link to accept and their platform/wallet populates immediately and the tokens are already in their wallet. Both the universally integrated social media platform and the “Zero Knowledge Recipient” protocol has not been achieved in crypto until now.

 Blockchain Technology:Taking the Market by Storm

The blockchain is, at its essence, an encrypted public ledger designed to keep track of cryptocurrency transactions. In its first case use, the blockchain was developed for Bitcoin. In most circumstances, it works as a secure, electronic transaction processing and record – keeping system, but it has numerous applications. This allows various connected participants within a public or private network, to track the information, thereby eliminating the need for any kind of antiquated third-party verification, as is the case with the traditional banking model.
The increasing adoption of this secure technology in the financial services sector and anticipated adoption across the public sector, including healthcare segments, fuels the need for a cryptocurrency platform that easily allows parties to instantaneously exchange funds. The growing demand for simplified business processes that provide transparency, immutability, and faster transactions are spurring the adoption of Blockchain-as-a-Service. An indicative list of companies who have invested in blockchain technologies includes: Microsoft, IBM, Oracle, Walmart, and Visa.

Social Wallet Initiative

The Social Wallet Initiative will use their reach on social media to educate the world about the power of blockchain and cryptocurrency technology. It is the passion behind their company and they feel so strongly about it that 10% of the funds raised will be allocated to this cause. As of now, only a small fraction of the people on social media know about cryptocurrency. They plan to change this and will use their resources to do so. They will work closely with their community and look for opportunities where sending cryptocurrency to someone can change their life for the better. They will then use their resources to amplify these stories of “Social Good” so that new people can read for themselves real life instances of cryptocurrency affecting real positive change. It’s not enough to tell people about this technology, you have to show them the good it can do.

Coin Specifications

Cost of 1 WIRE token: $0.15 USD
Token Sale Terms: 79 days with the possibility of an automatic early completion if all tokens are sold.
Minimum Purchase: $100
Maximum Purchase: $150,000 per round
Tokens Required For Masternode: 35,000 WIRE
Available Purchase Options: Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), Steem, Steem Dollars (SBD)
Tokens Available For Token Sale: 187,500,000 WIRE
Circulating Supply: 250,000,000 WIRE
Hardcap: $28,125,000
Adjustable Emission: All unsold tokens beyond 25 million will be burned at the end of the token sale. Up to 25 million will be held by the team for a period of 3 years and used for the future marketing and operations of the platform.

For more information,visit the Website or read the Whitepaper.
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