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SocialMedia.Market – the first decentralized ecosystem

SocialMedia.Market – the first decentralized ecosystem to discover, create, perform and analyze advertising campaigns with social media influencers across any social network. Blockchain technology will simplify the integration between advertisers and publishers and decrease costs for all engaged parties. It will create a competitive marketplace that’s 100% safe and transparent, creating opportunities for thousands of influencers and brands all over the globe to form targeted audience exposure; engaging consumers in the most relevant way. We will help elevate advertising markets to the next level and take considerable market share very quickly as cryptocurrency and Blockchain technology become mainstream in the next few years.

Their team is inspired to popularize Blockchain and Smart Contract technologies, making them more common in our daily life. They apply extra effort to introduce SocialMedia.Market’s platform, globally, to millions of influencers from small and medium sized businesses to larger corporations.


A short list of advantages SocialMedia.Market will provide to all parties as a service:

  • TRANSPARENT and competitive marketplace
  • WIDE range of social media platforms, such as: YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc.
  • REDUCED operational costs and fees when working with Influencer campaigns
  • ACCESSIBLE and easy-to-use, even for small businesses and influencers in the early stage of social presence
  • SMART partnership for a wide range of users with the ability to create smart contracts tailored to specific needs using templates and smart tips
  • FAIR dispute solution based on decentralised Blockchain technology
  • ULTIMATE results, smart planning with Real-Time Analytics and Data Science
  • GLOBAL outreach allows project to aim for larger market share, higher diversity and less dependency on local regulations.


A short list of advantages SMT will provide to all parties as a single currency:

  • 100% SAFE escrow transactions based on Blockchain technology
  • LOW-COST transactions with less operation fees
  • SIMPLIFIED and FAST global payments
  • Earn REWARDS by active personal participating in the decentralized dispute solution system
  • Get agent commission within the platform
  • DONATIONS METHOD for bloggers and streamers
  • UTILITY TOOL for acquiring outstanding marketing services, premium analytics and development instruments.


SocialMedia.Market targets Influencer Marketing, one of the fastest-growing markets. Analytical reports show an increase in almost all metrics related to Influencer Marketing. Growing exponentially, by recent estimates this market will turn into a $5–10 billion industry within the next 5 years.
Though, traditional media has only slightly declined, with TV still holding a strong position as a medium of content consumption and brand discovery. The overall time spent by internet users online exceeded the time spent on all traditional media combined, over the past 5 years.


Their team successfully launched more than 300 digital ad campaigns with different channels for 26 brands, during the last year. Of these ad campaigns, the best results were achieved by those supported by Influencer Marketing. However, this could be a misleading statistic as management of sponsored content created by bloggers consumed most of our time and resulted in unforeseen additional costs. Lack of standards and guidelines for Influencer campaigns introduces more difficulties in creation of advertising activities and makes the market chaotic. In over 80% of cases, the content created

by bloggers doesn’t meet the demands of the agreements made, and greatly affects the campaign’s performance.
Despite the quick growth and development of this market, several unresolved problems persist:
The extensive use of mobile devices has caused digital media consumption to grow annually. This has triggered changes in internet users’ behavior like second-screening, ad-blocking, increased social media consumption, preferable content types etc. Consequently, marketers must adopt and search for alternative channels to reach the consumer effectively. Despite Influencer Marketing channel’s complexity, it is being used by most marketers, with more than half of them planning to increase their budgets in the next year.
SocialMedia.Market is designed to solve these problems and make Influencer Marketing accessible and transparent, creating a new generation of advertising that will be the most profitable for all market participants.


Their experience solving difficulties and issues in creating advertising campaigns and developing interactions with Influencers, inspired they to create SocialMedia.Market – the first decentralized ecosystem to discover, create, perform and analyze advertising campaigns with social media influencers.
Blockchain technology will simplify integration, reduce fraud and costs for all market participants. It will create a 100% safe and transparent, competitive marketplace that will open opportunities for thousands of influencers and brands all over the globe, forming targeted audience exposure and engaging consumers in the most relevant and efficient ways. An open, agile platform will create a new generation of advertising, accessible to millions of new, up-and-coming influencers, startups and small businesses.
SocialMedia.Market’s objective is to establish a healthy ecosystem, where:
  • influencers can easily access sponsorship for creating high-quality content
  • agencies get access to a constant stream of influencers and can concentrate their effort on testing new strategies and strengthening their expertise,
  • advertisers get access to more relevant and efficient ways to engage consumers
  • and consumers, ultimately, gain access to the high-quality content they desire.


For newbies in Influencer Marketing, it is rather difficult to understand which formats of advertising are available with Influencers and how to use them correctly. With lots of tips and templates, we’ll make the creation process, engagement strategy and Influencer campaigns simple and clear.


Another problem that makes the creation of Influencer campaigns so time-consuming, is the need to switch the manager’s attention between different social networks to manage campaigns and various means of maintaining communications with the Influencers. Our platform allows you to interact with different social networks, and communicate all in one place, whether you reach out through our platform, social profile or email.


Using SocialMedia.Market, clients can always see the full history of campaigns they’re interested in, including its source, updates, sales and specific details. This gives brands a better opportunity to make informed decisions about creating new campaigns and scaling influencer programs. The SocialMedia.Market CRM-system, designed specially to manage Influencer Marketing campaigns, provides user-friendly tools to: build campaigns, set guidelines, create reminders, track product shipment, review content, track posts etc.
Every advertiser needs a “Guided Analytics” approach that goes beyond a simple review of trends in sales figures to identify techniques to increase revenue. A marketer or consultant needs to know the right sequence of questions to ask to improve sales, and where to find the answers. With our expertise we provide they clients a detailed report with top line metrics as well as the impact of each Influencer and the user-generated content that Influencer produced for the brand.


SocialMedia.Market will provide opportunities in extra earnings for marketing agencies. Any agent will be able to become a partner of the platform and receive commission in Social Media Tokens for the provision of additional services for advertisers’ marketing campaigns or become a personal manager to Influencers. SocialMedia.Market will be a convenient tool for searching and managing business opportunities. With the help of service agents, one can easily manage the schedule of advertising content or check the effectiveness of advertising campaigns using the extended set of tools, anytime and


The SocialMedia.Market platform automates all business processes related to selection, creation and management of the Influencer’s marketing activities, including the distribution of financial means among the participants. The platform has a friendly and easy-to-use interface for Brands and Influencers to help post and accept tasks easily. To ensure the authenticity of the users, the platform will perform identity verifications whenever necessary. The unique identities of Advertiser and Influencers will be based on their addresses in the Blockchain, making it difficult to forge. To protect personal data on the
account of the Advertiser and Influencer, two-factor authentication can be applied.

The basic tools of SocialMedia.Market, like working with a social media database, will be accessible for Advertisers without verification. For creating tasks and campaigns, as well as communicating with Influencers, an Advertiser must pass the verification process, requiring them to provide details on the company profile. SocialMedia.Market’s interface for brands enables creation and planning of campaigns from concept to completion. The first step in the creation of an Influencer Marketing campaign is to prepare a task for Influencers. Some of the factors the advertiser must consider when creating a
  • social media channel;
  • start and end dates or period of campaign;
  • region, country or city;
  • campaign budget;
  • the necessary files and the content they want to see;
  • any additional information required for chosen channel and content type (for example, YouTube video tags for better SMO)
  • target audience preferences for automatic Influencer selection, etc.


SocialMedia.Market’s platform will create a global marketplace for Advertisers and Influencer Marketing publishers among every major social network, providing convenient and transparent tools for interaction of any party involved. For maintaining commercial relationships between participants, SocialMedia.Market will collect a service fee from every executed contract. The amount of the fee may differ depending on the type of contract and complexity of interaction
between parties, but will not exceed 10% of the contract value. The obtained service fee, reduced by operational costs and decentralized Dispute Solution rewards, forms the platform’s net profit. Additionally, SocialMedia.Market will provide advanced marketing and analytic services for an extra fare.
All operations within the SocialMedia.Market ecosystem are executed with its effective cryptocurrency token – Social Media Token (SMT), which ensures high standards of services and prevents any unauthorized human intervention in the processes within the system. The Social Media Token will create a self-driven economy based on constant cooperation between Influencers, Advertisers, marketing agencies and agents. The token’s value is going to be upheld not only by simple transactional means within the platform’s services, but also supported with the decentralized dispute solution system which will bring rewards to token holders for active personal participating.


Social Media Tokens (SMTs) will be issued as ERC20 compatible tokens. Based on the number of tokens distributed during both sale phases, 15% more tokens will be issued for platform core functionality and 5% for partners and advisors. This will form the total amount of SMTs ever issued.
The start of the public sale of Phase #1 is scheduled for December 7, 2017 and is going to last for 7 days. This Phase of the Token Sale will be pre-sale, available 14 days prior to the public sale date. The maximum target figures for distributed tokens during the Token Sale: Phase #1 is the amount of 10 million SMTs. The tokens can be purchased with Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH). All unsold tokens during Token Sale: Phase 1 will be added to the Token Sale: Phase #2 amount.
Token exchange rate: 1 ETH = 800 SMTs
Minimum contribution amount: 0,01 ETH / 8 SMTs
Maximum contribution amount: unlimited
Contribution methods: ETH, BTC
Bonuses: Day 1 – 10%, Day 2/3 – 7%, Day 4/5 – 5%, Day 6/7 – 3%
Token exchange rate: 1 ETH = 700 SMTs
Minimum contribution amount: 0,01 ETH / 7 SMTs
Maximum contribution amount: limited
Contribution methods: ETH, BTC


If you want more information, follow them on Twitter, Telegram, visit the WEBSITE and read the WHITEPAPER.

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