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Stryking specialises in sports fan engagement and monetisation by combining the real and virtual world to create genuine interaction opportunities for fans, stars and brands. Stryking operates the innovative fantasy sports platform Football-Stars, a thrilling and diversified gaming experience on web and mobile platforms for football fans worldwide. Fans get the chance to become coach and manager, they set up their own dream teams of real players and compete against other fans in leagues and daily challenges. The results are calculated, based on actual players‘ real-life performance data – straight from the real leagues.Stryking’s fantasy sports platform is designed to provide hundreds of millions of fans the most immersive and interactive experience to manage teams, compete against peers in daily challenges and get rewarded with exclusive fan experiences. Nothing beats the passion supporters feel for their sport and their fantasy sports solution turns this passion into online engagement.

Governance of Stryking

Stryking Enterntainment GmbH is incorporated under the laws of Germany as a limited liability company (Gesellschaft mit beschränkter Haftung, “GmbH”). The day-to-day operations are run by the managing director Dirk Weyel. The managing director reports to and is controlled by Stryking’s shareholders’ meeting. As a GmbH, Stryking Entertainment GmbH is subject to the accounting, reporting, and auditing rules applicable under German law, in particular, Stryking Entertainment GmbH is required to prepare annual financial statements that are audited and published.

Introduction to fantasy sports

Online fantasy sports games are a huge industry with 59.3 million users playing fantasy sports games in the US and Canada, even though the market might be more established there due to sports betting being illegal. They are a type of online game in which users assemble virtual teams of real players of a professional sport. These teams compete against other users’ teams based on the statistical performance of the players in the actual real-life matches. The statistical data is compiled using a performance index for each player which therefore gives an objective evaluation of the player’s performance. This is added up for each user’s team of players and yields a result which can be compared to the other users’ teams.
Originally, fantasy sports games were played season-long, meaning that users join private or public leagues at the beginning of the season and then compete against each other throughout the whole season. The users have to take care of their team and react to news about whether a player is injured or unfit and thus not lined-up anymore. The results of each match day are added up and provide a total result for the whole season.

Live scoring

The best way to watch a live match is to have the Football-Stars app open next to you and watch your Challenge scores go up and down. Quite often the thrill of the Challenges is even bigger than the thrill of the live matches themselves! Football-Stars will introduce live scoring in Summer 2018. The users will get direct feedback about detailed player performance stats, which is sure to deliver a fast-paced and emotional live game experience. They cannot only see their team’s performance but also see how they perform compared to the other users who are in the same Challenge. This will enhance Football-Stars and give users an even more complete 360-degree football experience. It will initially be available to members of the VIP-Club only.

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