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The Biometrids Platform – online  ID on the blockchain


The Biometrids Platform is an online  ID on the blockchain that is using facial tutoring machine recognition and is possible to verify that people are who say they are. Biometrids solves one of the biggest problems today confronted in the block ecosystem and in life. The usage of the blockchain assures everyone is anonymous, but still valid to conduct transactions with one another. By using the API connected to the Biometrids platform, any service can adopt Biometrid’s ID protocol into their system, and force people to use the Biometrids ID to improve the security of knowing their customers are transacting with genuine people.

Many issues exist with identity systems. The issues occur because of centralized systems operating as a silo between several service providers. For example, identity providers like Google, Facebook, and other organizations requiring usernames and passwords are economically valuable in hack attempts.

Blockchain technologies

Blockchain technologies are an interesting technology, as they require the use of cryptographic keys to sign messages for each interaction. Interactions with blockchain-based systems require a usable public-key cryptography. A limitation currently being discussed in the market is the fact that distributed ledger technology can be an approach for stronger identification and authentication, but is not a real solution.

There is no easy solution for identification to ensure synthetic identification and verification. It is all about trusting the information given in the processes. Blockchain technologies can help in improving trust and support non-repudiation, which is essential. Further, by growing the number of parties in the network, the trust will autonomously increase.

Open-source blockchain technology offers the opportunity for a decentralized certificate authority for verification. Biometrics is a key feature, as every individual on the planet is born with a unique set of biometrics, providing a tamper-proof method to uniquely identify who they are. The concept of biometrics includes your fingerprints, your face, your eyes, and even your voice. Combining it with blockchain makes much sense. Instead of having a fragile piece of paper, the information is digitally recorded on an immutable ledger, which can be used as an approach to securely log each identity in a system. It also offers privacy, as you alone will be able to grant access to your ID and see who has accessed your ID and when. Further, the blockchain is inexpensive and transparent, and throughout its current lifetime, it has been proven to resist hacking attempts


Facial recognition works around a picture of a person. This picture could be 2D or 3D. If we are using a 2D picture, chances of manipulation will rise significantly and 3D will be more when you need to have ears, eyes, and chin, from an angle, it gets much more complicated to manipulate.
The goal of this technology is to become the number one secure and easy to use identity provider by offering a decentralized P2P network, represented by blockchain technologies. Using biometrics the platform as an entry point, will meet the demand and limitation of today’s market.

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