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The Current ecosystem

Designed to evolve over time, the Current ecosystem is being built in a hybrid fashion, with both on-chain and off-chain solutions to accommodate shifting market dynamics in the blockchain, media and crypto industries. In the short-term, the proprietary algorithm will create personalized content recommendations across networks in a universal media platform. The Current protocol and token will introduce new revenue streams and incentive mechanisms that will initially be launched within the Current platform and later be made available for developers to leverage in their applications.

A New Way to Play Media

The Current platform provides a more convenient and thorough media search and discovery process by consolidating disparate content sources into one place. Aside from reducing the number of apps needed to play
music, video, podcasts etc., the platform has more data points available about the media types, times, and subject matter that a person experiences and can generate recommendations better than any single network alone. Current is available with 8 integrations and intends on integrating more services that host podcasts, audio books, television shows, and movies.

Decentralized Media Platforms

Blockchain technology is poised to be as disruptive to the Media Industry as digital recordings and the internet have been. Decentralized computing, and the distribution models enabled by it, level the playing field so newcomers and established creators can both thrive. Broader audiences and more transparent payments top the list of benefits to creators and consumers. However, new decentralized platforms, like Ujo, Opus, JAAK and SingularDTV face issues like industry lobbying, adoption rates, prior cryptocurrency holdings, limited content libraries and technical hurdles.

Earning and Spending Tokens

The main way to accumulate platform tokens is by playing media within the Current platform. As the platform increases its reliance on blockchain technologies, stakeholders are impacted differently.

Tokens Earned by Consumers

The amount of tokens earned by the user is reliant on their contribution coefficient and the number of referrals they’ve made successfully. All users who consume media on Current from any of their content integrations will be awarded platform tokens.

Future Applications

As the platform grows it’s reasonable to say tens of millions if not more users will be holders of CRNC and its subtokens. The Current Network will provide support to enable other applications to use tokens for goods outside of the Current platform.

Market Landscape

Most of the blockchain-enabled media companies are focused on areas such as copyright attribution.Only a few of them are focused on incentivizing social media and advertising.They analysis of the market landscape located several media-related tokens and revealed trends that have influenced they commitment and vision.This market segment ecompasses a cross section of incumbents pairing a daily habit with a simplified user experience that aims toremove the common barriers and technical complexities associated with the mainstream adoption of existing blockchain enabled products.

Advantages in Media Landscape

While there are certainly other companies within the media and social landscape looking to capitalize on blockchain technology, Current encompasses a much broader spectrum of content offerings using their hybrid approach than any one company in the same market can offer.


For more information, visit the website or read the whitepaper.


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