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The EMU project

The EMU project is designed to bring communication between a consumer and service sector into a new level. Waiting for the waiter, errors in the delivery of the order, the human factor in general – all this remained in the past. Actually, we are in the process of creating such a unique ecosystem that will greatly facilitate the life of its participants. EMU is a global product that really revolutionizes the service industry, as it was mentioned before. This application is for smartphones based on iOS and Android. Having installed it, the user immediately gets current
information about the restaurant menu. The application shows only those dishes, which are relevant. In addition, it allows you to find a restaurant, book a table, instantly pay in one click, call a waiter with a special button, and write a review – now it’s all in your own smartphone. In case, you do not want to leave the house-just order food delivery from your favorite restaurant.


The fundamental (start-up) meaning of the draft is the electronic menu in the application form for smartphones operating under iOS and Android systems (which both occupy 98.4% of the smartphone market). It is a well-known fact that the number of Android users has crossed the 2 million mark.


The user can download the EMU app in the App Store or in the Play Market on their smartphones. Further communication with institutions is going on via the application too. All steps are recorded so you will avoid
such inconvenient situations like “I haven’t ordered it at all” or other confusions. A restaurant or a cafe is being registered in the system on the site and also downloads the application in the App Store or Play Market, which
depends on the operating system on the phone. The application for business has several types of users:
• a waiter,
• an administrator,
•an owner.

The application is absolutely free for both common users and business representatives. It does not include currently and will never contain obsessive advertising (any kinds of adverts). There will be no popup advertisements, links to other pages, etc. It will contain only that information what you really need.


The EMU project involves the penetration in almost all services. Launching from the electronic cafes and restaurants menu, they are covering the entire HoReCa industry (Hotel, Restaurant, Cafe / Catering, including fast food).

The next stage after HoReCa would involve various spheres related to the service sector and an understandable set of services:

• fuel stations, car washes and parking spaces;
• airports and airplanes;
• cruise liners;
• beauty salons;
• others.


EMU Token (EMU) is the main internal crypto currency for calculations within their ecosystem. The token is created according to the ERC20 standard on the Ethereum blockchain, which ensures its full compatibility with any other projects that comply with this standard. The total emission of EMU tokens is limited and can not exceed 250 million tokens.

The value equivalent of token to dollar is given for comparison. During the initial placement, the token can be purchased only for the Crypto currency “Ether” (ETH) or Bitcoin (BTC).


• payment for goods within the system;
• exchange possibility for other crypto-currencies;
• possibility of selling and withdrawing into fiat money.



If you want more information, visit the WEBSITE and read the WHITEPAPER.

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