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The HADE Platform

The HADE Platform is the world’s first database built around the inclusion of companyspecific information. HADE leverages what they believe is the world’s most valuable database with cutting edge data visualization, data analytics,
machine learning, artificial intelligence, and now blockchain technology. They believe that blockchain technology will become a crucial component of platform for reasons that relate to security, identification, transparency,
and product development.

The HADE Platform was built around the deployment of innovating technologies such as: data visualization, data analytics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence that will push boundaries, lower costs, and significantly improve the quality of legacy financial services. They believe that blockchain technologies and HADE Token are crucial elements of that vision, in which their entire business is built around, and that HADE Platform is the first and only product that will actually bridge the gap between fiat and cryptocurrency investors with products & services to serve both groups in one place.


The HADE Platform creates an environment with services for finance professionals, institutions, and individual investors that is second to none. HADE tokens will be presented as the safest, most secure, and preferred currency
for purchasing premium services, future investment products, and advertisements. HADE Token owners can convert their tokens to a variety of ad spots with different levels of value, which are then purchased by advertisers to reach our large audience of engaged users.


The HADE Platform provides a multitude of services, all of which could demand a premium monthly price. It is the world’s first collection of financial services created from machine learning algorithms and artificial intelligence to serve finance professionals, individual investors, and institutions, for the purpose of company information and equity research. What makes these products and services possible is our database, with unique historical data that can’t be found anywhere else.

Before the HADE Platform, investors would have to manually search for unique company data in SEC filings and company earning reports. Investors would seek this data because it is what often determines whether a company is a good or bad investment. What they did was put all that data in one place for investors to access with the click of a button. They developed the industry’s most innovating visualization technology, and incorporated unmatched analysis technology to give users the ability to compare and contrast any combination of data points. This accelerates
the research process that goes into finding a good investment, and by itself, is a product that institutions would pay to access.


On the HADE Platform, it is possible to create billions of different charts, all of which tell a story about a specific company. One reason that users spend so much time on the HADE Platform is because there are so many services, companies, and so much data to consume. One person could not possibly absorb it all.

HADE Rewards will create a system for delivering HADE Token to users who achieve certain milestones or carry out certain functions to encourage users to be social, share the content they create, and play their part in making the HADE Platform the best possible experience for all users. These HADE Token rewards will range from:

  • Publish the charts and content you create to the HADE Platform network
  • Achieve milestones such as 30 likes or comments on content you publish to the HADE Platform Network
  • Promote the HADE Platform with referrals
  • Improve the functionality with bug reports and contacting us with any visualization or analysis issues

Hade store will:

  • Allow users who own HADE Token to purchase premium services.
  • Promote the purchase of additional HADE Tokens for users who have earned orbought some HADE Token,
    but don’t own enough to purchae premium services.
  • Encourage the use of HADE Token over USD at a discount because it is cheaper to process.
  • Incentivize the participants of HADE Token Rewards to accelerate their contributions to the program.
  • Give traditional investors a sense of familiarity and comfort with using cryptocurrencies to make real life purchases.
  • Let traditional investors see first-hand the benefits of cryptocurrencies over USD to purchase services where
    the risk of security breach could regularly be a concern.


If you want more information, visit:

Site : www.hade.io
Twitter : https://twitter.com/hadeplatform
Telegram : https://t.me/HadeTokenSale

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