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The Lamden Project – deployment of blockchain technologies

Blockchain application development is unnecessarily hard, partially because of how new the technology is, but also because of certain imposed limitations on the current status quo of how blockchains are used today. In this paper, we discuss the problems with current blockchain implementations and a solution to these problems. They introduce Lamden: a software package of development tools that includes a blockchain generator, community collaboration tools, and
independent chain-to-chain communication to create vast networks of blockchain applications that can transfer any asset across them.

Integration and Adoption

Blockchain software is very new and the human capital resources are scarce. It requires a very highly technical and specialized individual to consult and develop for blockchain applications. Compared to other database types in a corporate
setting, setting up a blockchain is time consuming and expensive.
Whereas most modern database systems follow a similar development and deployment paradigm, blockchains are so fundamentally different that there is currently not a solution in place to transforming the development process into
something that resembles other database systems on the market.
Furthermore, development environments, package managers, testing suites, continuous integration environment, etc. which exist for nearly every other tech stack in existence do not exist for blockchain software. This prevents organizations from integrating this technology into their current workflow.

Migration, Upgrades, and Future Proofing

For many interested in blockchain technologies for their enterprises or busi- nesses, the lack of ability to migrate data to a new chain, or to upgrade at a time that is best for a business is a pitfall. Those interested in mainchain and public ledger
systems are reliant on foundations to release new code or the decentralised community where there is little authority or certainty to the out- come. Furthermore, trying out different systems to see what works best for an organization is cumbersome.

The Solution

The Lamden Project proposes the creation of a suite of development tools that allows rapid development and deployment of private blockchain systems that mimics the modern development process featured in such tech stacks as Node.js or Python
which provide a plethora of easy to use tools, extensive and robust documentation, and vastly popular support communities.
The project is broken up into three sections, Saffron, Flora, and Clove, which each add a layer to end goal of providing
hyperfast blockchains for developer to test, experiment, and deploy across a network of other blockchain systems.
Saffron is the generator tool to deploy private chains on an internal network without any hassle. Flora is a central
repository for smart contract packages and templates, private chain naming services, and blockchain discovery. Clove
is the network that handles payment channel swap processes between chains and facilitates communication between
blockchain apps on the network in a way that remains trustless and decentralized.


The goal of the Lamden Project is to provide a suite of tools that makes the rapid development and deployment of blockchains easy for the general population of developers. By modelling our tools based on the most popular tools used by developers today, we can capture a large and enthusiastic base of developers who want to get involved in blockchain but are unable to get over the initial hurdles. Furthermore, by providing a centralized community, innovation can prosper and build upon itself, leading to newer and greater technologies and accelerating the industry as a whole. Lastly, through Clove, we are able to connect all of these projects together on a single routing system that facilitates swap transactions so that private

chains can retain the benefits of self-management and still take advantage of a larger ecosystem of great applications.
If you want more information, visit the WEBSITE and read the WHITEPAPER.

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