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The LIX – platform for games

The LIX crowdfunding platform for games was conceived in early 2016 to provide game developers and gamers a secure, convenient,and decentralized platform and economy.  Focused on innovative ideas, the platform will work to help game developers turn their gaming concepts into reality.  As avid gamers ourselves, they understand how AAA studios are beginning to lose their monopoly hold on the industry.  Independent developers with great gaming concepts and breakthrough ideas are generally held back only due to a lack of funding and support.  LIX’s main aim will be to democratize the gaming industry by helping independent developers break free from these constraints, thereby ensuring that the gaming industry can reach the diversity and entertainment value expected of the digital future.

This platform should greatly democratize and diversify the existing gaming industry.

What is LIX ?

LIX will primarily be a game project crowd-funding platform which will allow game ideas to become a reality fairly and efficiently. LIX will not only provide a faster and more convenient micro-transaction game-currency but will also provide for a full gaming infrastructure and economy to be used by publishers, studios and independent developers alike.  Ultimately, with a fully committed LIX community, no longer will a billion dollar budget be required to produce and distribute a game – simply ideas.


From a technological perspective, LIX is based on the Waves LPOS.

  • Fixed supply: In-game items or rare collectible items
  • Renewable supply: Consumable items like foods and resources.
  • Fee to issue assets: At launch, 2 LIX coins.
  • Assets supply: Fixed and unfixed.
  • Assets data: Hash storage, memo ID, and text data.

The platform

Using Bitcoin’s block-chain to time stamp data has evolved far past singlefile uploads that require users to pay a Bitcoin network fee.  Fully-featured APIs and platforms like LIX are developer friendly, allowing developers to integrate block-chain time stamps into a wide range of applications to be built on top of them. However, with pay-to-play games, there is a persistent risk that users will find a way to “double spend” tokens or exploit the system to increase the value of their own account. This is only possible because in many situations,
the account value is simply a hard-coded variable subject to manipulation.  However, by storing and registering game assets within the block-chain, resources will exist in a finite and unalterable quantity on all nodes, making it impossible for a user to exploit the system.


The game merchandise market will sell gaming merchandise and accessories, including but not limited to: VR sets, gaming keyboards, computer mice etc. The market will accept and actively promote LIX coins. Additionally this will be a launching pad to the LIX game distribution network.  This will allow for the trading of digital goods related to the gaming space. This functionality will be implemented at a later stage.

Pre-sale marketing

The total amount of LIX tokers will be used for raising funds through an ICO, developing the platform, used to provide rewards for bounty and referral programs, marketing and most importantly go towards funding of the LIX platform use-case game. The flagship game title will not only demonstrates the use-case of LIX coins in game, but will present a unique to the industry. Crowdfunded money will be used as follows in line with the roadmap targets:

  • ICO – 69%
  • Team Reserve – 15%
  • Platform Reserve – 10%
  • Bounty – 5%
  • Seed Funding – 1%


If you want more information, visit the WEBSITE and read the WHITEPAPER.

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