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The Power Ledger Platform is the Ecosystem that enables interoperability between diverse market management/pricing mechanisms and units of electricity (kWh) by way of pre-purchased tokens. The Power Ledger Platform provides a transparent governance framework that allows the Ecosystem to seamlessly interface with energy markets around the globe, bringing innovation and a wide range of network benefits to consumers. This approach means the Ecosystem is adaptable and scalable for applications within any existing or future regulatory environment, achieving the dynamic agility required to adapt to any number of regulatory structures. This dynamic agility, allows a redefinition of where Application Hosts (utilities, retailers, property managers, etc.) and customers (users) are positioned in the Ecosystem and who has market power in any transactive arrangement.

Power Ledger has developed and deployed a commercial energy management system that facilitates the transparent allocation of on-site generated renewable energy to tenants in multi-unit apartments, providing, for the first time, a real financial incentive for deployment to jointly-owned multi-tenanted dwellings. Power Ledger is working with property developers, one of which is Sustainable Settlements at the Witchcliffe Ecovillage, to support the creation of sustainable urban settlements. By using our unique energy-trading platform to support the high-penetration of DER in communities, we are able to exploit the naturaldiversity of demand and minimise the use of DER resources, while still achieving 100% renewable energy use. 3.0 Power Ledger Pty Ltd Copyright © 2017 18 Power Ledger has developed a series of world-leading Platform Applications, such as its P2P energy trading application (interface shown in Figure 3.1.1), meaning businesses, such as Utilities, can now host trading on the Platform. Our experience, gained from decades of work in the energy industry and honed by working with our partners throughout our trials, has led us to conceive how best to go about democratising the world’s power systems. We believe this is best achieved through the rapid implementation of our disruptive, consumer-driven transactive techologies, by fostering incentives, and by enabling collaboration between consumers, prosumers and industry incumbents. Power Ledger’s partners are rapidly increasing in number, and more recently we welcomed other new Application Hosts who will host trading on the Platform to accelerate the reach of community-focused trading enterprises globally.

It is not just network service providers that benefit from maintaining the relevance of one of our most important social assets. The people that have the most to lose in the face of falling network utilization are the people that have the least ability to influence their exposure to rising network costs and the impact on grid-supplied energy. The financially and socially marginalized renters, the huge number of tenants living in group housing developments and even those whose homes are oriented in the wrong direction or are exposed to shading from nearby buildings Power Ledger Pty Ltd Copyright © 2017 10 or trees, are the people who will bear the impact of falling network utilization if we do not find a way to incentivize Prosumers to stick tight to the network. Unlike the centrally-managed power systems of the past, the future of the energy system, will be co-created by the prosumers and investors that will decide where and when to install DER.
The POWR token will serve as the fuel of the Power Ledger Ecosystem. POWR tokens help to facilitate low cost and better returns on electricity. They interact with the Ecosystem through: • Providing governance and consumer protection through Smart Bond technology (section 4.4) • Facilitating access to use the Platform (section 4.4) • Providing loyalty rewards to Participants (see section 4.6); • Contributing and connecting with renewable energy charities and organizations (see section 4.6); • Providing access priority to Asset Germination Events and benefits from an asset’s ‘POWR’ generation (see section 5.5.7); and
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