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The REALISTO Platform


REALISTO is a platform that enables real estate experts to present their projects, launch their own asset-backed tokens for those projects, and invite virtually anybody to invest in a selection of carefully curated, high-yield investment properties. This is, in effect, much like a crowdfunding campaign – with the distinct difference being that investors will immediately receive value for their money, in the form of asset-backed tokens.

REALSTO offers a new, accessible way of investing in real estate, made possible by a platform with transparency, integrity, and industry expertise at its core.

The REALISTO vision: creating access for investors of all kinds

REALISTO offers just that: a realistic way to profitably use the breakthrough technology and ideology that blockchain represents. REALISTO is changing the way people participate in the global real estate market. They see societal value in crowd-investing as a way to democratize the investment industry. They seek to demonstrate this claim via our ICO, coming this November. Once launched, the REALISTO team of real estate experts will immediately set up and manage a portfolio. This portfolio will serve as a model for the future ICOs to be launched through our platform, according to the strict quality and fiduciary standards that they have established for ourselves.

REALISTO – Benefits at a Glance

  • Real value:  The REALISTO tokens (ticker symbol REA) are backed by real estate
  • Industry savvy and focus Demonstrable expertise and experience in the targeted real estate marketplace (Berlin)
  • Above average returns : Expertly chosen real estate projects ensure that only profitable properties make their way into the REALISTO portfolio
  • Access:  No matter how big or small the stakes, REALISTO provides user-friendly access to above-average real estate ROI
  • Integrity: All platform funds will be handled through an independent trustee wallet that is inaccessible to platform administrators; disbursement of funds only with proof of purchase
  • etc…

The REALISTO Real Estate Investment Strategy

The real estate market offers exceptionally high returns to investors who are diligent and have in-depth market knowledge. Germany in general, and Berlin in particular, have demonstrated strong and stable overall growth. Real estate prices in Berlin still lag behind prices in other German regions as well as Europe as a whole, indicating that there is significant potential for growth. Berlin real estate prices have steadily been rising over the past 4 years, having now reached the same level as the European banking capital of Frankfurt. As it stands, Berlin is well on its way to reaching the price level of Munich or Hamburg. Several other German cities are also currently in this state of significant undervaluation.

The objective of their REA token ICO is to raise funds to set up the platform infrastructure and establish a core portfolio, which will serve as a model for the subsequent crowdfunding campaigns launched through the platform. With these subsequent launches, third-party emitters will issue their own assetbacked tokens. REALISTO will be a platform for carefully researched real estate projects, chosen by experts who have a commanding knowledge of their target markets.

How the REALISTO Platform Works

The REALISTO platform is designed to service two different kinds of users. First, there are the investors who wish to invest their cryptocurrency capital into tokens that enable them to participate in the platform’s real estate projects. Second, there are the emitters who use the REALISTO platform to issue their own asset-backed tokens. REALISTO will use half of the capital raised in the November 2017 ICO (minus 10% for the operational fund) to establish a core portfolio of real estate, acquired at the team’s own expert discretion. This will be called the REALISTO Core Pool. The other half of the capital raised will be used to set up the REALISTO Opportunity Pool, where real estate investment projects will be presented to investors so that they may vote on acquisition via token allocation.
Therefore, the REALISTO Core Pool and the REALISTO Opportunity Pool will be the first two projects on the platform – built with 90% of the capital raised in the November REA token sale.

The REALISTO App – Managing Your Investment

Investors can manage their accounts and execute investment decisions through the REALISTO platform app. The REALISTO app connects investors to the blockchain, using the applicable smart contracts. The user wallets are thus blockchain wallets: all information pertaining to investments, tokens, and the value they carry is recorded in the immutable ledger of the blockchain.The platform works as a mobile app and as a web application accessed through your browser. REALISTO aims to provide user-friendly access to the investment opportunities presented on their


If you want more information, visit the WEBSITE and read the WHITEPAPER.


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