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UHIVE – challenging the status quo, transforming social networking and taking it into a new era

UHIVE is challenging the status quo, transforming social networking and taking it into a new era, that combines the technological capabilities (artificial intelligence and blockchain) with human psychology to deliver a unique, natural, and entertaining experience. Their commitment is to enhance individuals’ interaction within dyads, groups, and societies through integrating foundational knowledge from social and developmental psychology and sociology, with their advanced blockchain technology, which has paved the way for the creation of the world’s first social platform with physical dimensions. They are pushing a new edge of social networking, which will provide more than the common interactions of sharing media or comments on pages, it will provide a new way for users to explore and perceive information through their senses. Unlike other social networks, which limit users to searching for keywords, relevant words and hashtags in order to start up a new discovery journey for random topics; UHIVE will grant customers the opportunity to walk through infinite spaces and identify trendy communities worth exploring. UHIVE’s realistic experience helps users perceive information with their sight sensors. Physical dimensions will help users perceive information like community sizes, populations and user engagement by visual representations such as size, depth perception, scaling, and visual effects.

What Makes the UHIVE Platform Different?

UHIVE’s idea is unique and different from current social networks, it approaches users with an intriguing experience

  • A new innovative physical dimension, allowing users to explore spaces in a more intuitive way
  • A Grey world, where anything goes, a place where users can be totally anonymous
  • A new and completely self-sustained economy
  • Based on years of human psychology research, with the aim of addressing human needs
  • Built from the start to support virtual reality
  • The first social network controlled by A.I. technology
  • A new hybrid blockchain system, that uses the best of both worlds (centralized and decentralized)

Artificial Intelligence

UHIVE is built using the latest A.I. (artificial intelligence) technologies, such as, but not limited to:

Face detection technology
As soon as you upload a photo to the platform, the technology will begin to scan and detect all the faces within a photo, creating a custom thumbnail for them. Any new photo that matches that person’s face, will be linked to that face, so whenever you tap on the face image, you will see all this person’s photos.
Object detection technology
A feature that uses artificial intelligence to help you discover photos by the objects that appear within them. Search phrases like ‘cup’, ‘phone’, ‘friend’ or ‘wedding’, and their technology will serve up the relevant results instantly. It’s accurate and fast. This feature will analyze objects in posted images within public groups to make them searchable & discoverable to users.

Video streaming and video analysis technology
With their video detection technology, all your videos will be analyzed to give you:

  • Object, scene, and activity detection
  • Facial recognition
  • Facial analysis: female, male, happy, sad, smiling, etc.
  • Celebrity recognition

Unsafe content detection for photos, videos and posts
They will help identify potentially unsafe or inappropriate content across images, videos and posts, and provide detailed labels that allow you to accurately control what to show, and to report any suspicious content.

Token Usage

Tokens will be used within the UHIVE social network in the following ways:

  • Buying things within the network
  • Promotions and ads
  • Paid services
  • People will be paid incentives (like salaries in real life), when they become more social and interactive in the network on a weekly basis 25% of the social network’s ads revenue will be distributed among active users. This will create value in the network, as people can take the UHIVE Coin and exchange it for any currency in the real-life world. Any UHive Token paid to the users will be also compensated by buying it from the exchanges platform to keep the UHIVE Token value balanced
  • Selling/buying and bidding for unique spaces
  • Paying for access to private spaces
  • Any transaction in the UHIVE network will be made using the UHive Token
  • Referral programs and rewards

For more information, visit the Website or read the Whitepaper.

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