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Crypto world is in the infancy of its development and today it is not brought up to full strength. There is still no way to do everyday purchases, paying with crypto currency. For example, order a game console or TV, eat at a restaurant, pay maid service in crypto currency. It’s about the daily expenses and the opportunity to spend the crypto currency without bringing it to fiat money. They decided to fill the existing gaps, and create what is missing. Vestarin is a platform based on a mobile application that will allow you to make daily purchases, paying with crypto currency.

Vestarin is a platform where:

• Owners of stores, exchangers, services integrate their business on Vestarin platform, and users make purchases and pay for services with VST tokens.

• ICO representatives integrate their projects on a platform, and users create a reputation for them in the form of assessments and discussions, that allowing investors to make more reasonable decisions.

• On Vestarin platform will be aggregated information flows of technologies and news from the world of crypto-currencies, where dozens of sources and portals will be able to post information to reach a wide audience of users.

• Representatives of the specialties related to blockchain technologies will be aggregated in one place, on the platform Vesterin, and can find each other for mutual work at various projects.

Cryptocurrency holder problem & solving

The Vestarin platform is a solution to various problems. And the problem which personally, the platform creator, being a user of the crypto industry, faced, is that the crypto currency itself is not really a currency, as it can not be spent and fully paid for purchases. First you need to sell your coins and get them for a fiat currency, and only then make purchases.

At the beginning, the user will buy the domestic currency, VST tokens, with which he can perform targeted actions and purchases in one click. The same tokens fall into the asset of the store, and the store sells them in favor of the required currency, both external crypto currency and fiat currency.

Information problem & solving

Agree, there is too much information and resources with information about blockchain technologies, but at the same time there is a shortage or a scope
of unnecessary kind. They want to aggregate sources based on the Vestarin platform, ordering useful information by categories and sections. For example, in the “Articles” section you will see a list of topics where each aggregates the maximum amount of information from the Internet with the sources. Sources remain visible as before, but now they are arranged and aggregated in one place, which will considerably save the time for searching for this or that information.


As the platform develops and the number of users increases, the amount of commissions in the Vestarin contract will increase, thereby increasing the cost of the
VST token. The contract of Vestarin assets is the most important component of VST token value. By raising commissions from the platform, it creates sufficient funds to support a steady growth in the price of tokens.
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