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With Vionex-Smart-Home-App, each of their customers can manage their home, or control or hire a building for each company. Customers and companies have access to everything concerning security, lighting, heating or cooling. The blockchain technology is responsible for recording and saving all actions. Thus, every action is saved and Smart-Home-System has the opportunity to learn if the customer wish so (function is adjustable / displayable with the Vionex-Smart-Home-App). In the case of defects or malfunctions the blockchain provides feedback and displays it in the app. The best Smart-Home that works for you.

Collaboration with the blockchain technology

With the help of the blockchain technology every order is noted and their intelligent smart home system learns to do so. This ensures maximum automation. Each process is noted and stored so that automation can only be changed by adjusting the settings. The user has absolute control over the system and through decentralization nobody can access it and change it. The blockchain technology combined with smart home is ready to change the world!

Advantages of blockchain:

  • Blockchain is a solid, distributed, invulnerable and cryptographically secure database
  • The chain of blocks stores the encrypted code of the documents, and once they are stored, the data is recorded forever.
  • The perfect place to store property rights, credentials, identities (of objects or persons), agreements between parties, transfers and transactions.
  • – Nobody can fake, bribe or hack the data written in the blockchain blocks. Transaction theory is transparent to all users.
  • Blockchain supports smart contracts (a computer protocol). This facilitates, verifies, enforces agreements and the execution of a contract in an automatic and transparent way.

Vionex is the new standard of building and home safety

Counterfeiting of data would no longer be an issue in the development of blockchain. The benefits of the blockchain system are that information is securely stored and fully transparent to all users. It is backed by a multi-sig authentication system that prevents any alteration of vital signs.

Smart Home App:

  1. Easy to use application.
  2. Everything at a glance.
  3. Available on iOS and Android.
  4. Usable on all devices.

The smart app has many great features. The application has access to camera systems, automation and smoke detection systems, making it easy to shut down a smoke detector using the application.

Function of the token:

Vionex (VIOX) token is integrated with Vionex products. It helps to improve product use, contribute to the ecosystem, product access and ownership. While the token provides access to valuable features within the Vionex platform, Vionex mobile applications do not restrict it. Vionex tokens can be used to generate revenue for Vionex and provide additional benefits to token holders for the following purposes:

  1.  Subscription fee / transaction fee
  2. Commission for paid services in Fiat currency or VIOX tokens
  3. Commission for mediation and customer introduction
  4. Currency (means of payment) for the purchase of Vionex Smart Home

As a long term vision, VIOX tokens would be used in the first phase of project development within the Vionex platform, and in the second, they would become the standard sign in the smart home market.

Vionex products

Their Vionex products are installed and maintained by their employees at the end customer, be it a private individual or a company, and are waited and repaired in case of defective ones. All these services are included in the purchase of Vionex products. The customer can pay with Fiat currencies, BTC and ETH, but customers who pay with VIOX tokens get a discount of 10%. Their loyal customers have the following advantages:

  • 10% discount on purchase of Vionex products with VIOX tokens.
  • A 5% recommendation bonus in VIOX tokens.
  • Every loyal Vionex customer receives 3% of his annual electricity bill in VIOX tokens.


If you want more information, visit the WEBSITE and read the WHITEPAPER.

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