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VR platform for world discovery

Altair VR is the first VR platform for world discovery built on blocking technology. They suggest that you not waste time and invest it into your evolution. The platform’s content is created by users, according to the community’s preferences, on a tender basis, and is co-financed by the platform.They created a global VR platform for world discovery, managed by the community through blockchain. Their platform allows community members to create and distribute VR experiences (applications). The platform’s currency is a ALT token. Entrance from the outside is only permitted via ALT tokens, which stimulates the growth of the
project economy. In addition to the token, reputation points demonstrate the professional skills of participants in the ecosystem. The platform will become a global VR simulator aimed at world discovery in all aspects and spheres.
Their plans are to invite not just professionals, but all who wish,  making content creation on the Altair VR platform a global technology. The virtual education franchise will continue to function on the platform, but it will now open access to children from all corners of the world.


On April 12, 2017, they launched a virtual planetarium, which is now sold as an exclusive franchise. There are already 15 regions of Russia using their new technology, with that number growing every week. The product is now being offered to the masses and their application Amazing Cinema is used by 265,000 English-speaking users. In August 2017 app climbed to first place in the Oculus Gear VR Store’s international rankings.  Unfortunately, today there are only 10 million sets of Gear VR, so their VR Planetarium franchise is the only way for most children to be able to try virtual education.

With the help of VR experiences you can:

  • See how microbes live, what they do and even fight with them;
  • Take a futuristic ship through a person’s blood vessels, seeing the organs from the inside;
  • Walk along the red, rough surface of Mars, and then build a virtual colony;
  • Go to the edge of the universe and a large explosion;
  • Watch the Tunguska meteorite fall from the point of view of the meteorite;
  • Take part in a historical battle from the point of view of any of its participants;
  • See the structure of molecules and assemble a new substance from them.


The modern world is full of technologies for creating special effects, but at the moment it can’t be applied to really interesting topics by lay people. This issue can be solved by the education sector. There are many talented teachers who create unique teaching methods and lesson scripts. Thanks to the VR platform, teachers will be able to turn their best practices in to virtual reality. Thanks to the creation of scripts and plots for VR experiences and making them accessible for community voting, the most talented teachers will be able to get funding for their projects in tokens. The best projects will be sent on to production by VR content specialists. The VR content specialists will also function in a similar manner, by a rating system formed by community members.

Platform Potential

The result of their work will be a universal platform that is open to the development of derivatives of unique products. Take this example, today creation of VR content is only accessible to experts in graphic design. Compare that to this scenario, just a few years ago, websites could only be written with simple HTML code in a notebook. Today there are tools that allow a site to be built in 10 minutes by a beginner. They will create a VR constructor that will create VR experiences with ready-made 3D models from environment sets using 360 degree video or panoramas, and with the help of the script designer you can create any kind of interactive experience. The platform is great for corporate training purposes.

Economics ALT tokens use

A great number of small transactions will be performed within the Altair VR platform on a daily basis, including transactions between
app users, content writers and developers, moderators, and franchise holders. ALT tokens will be used in all these transactions. The use of the system’s own token will allow people to avoid the unjustifiably high fees charged by traditional platforms, which sometimes reach 40%
of a transaction’s value.



If you want more information, visit the WEBSITE and read the WHITEPAPER.


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