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XRT Foundation – a non-profit online food platform

XRT Foundation is a non-profit online food platform founded by two young and enthusiastic entrepreneurs’MJ Paul’ & ‘Anil Kumar’. Itseeksto be partnered with the big companies working in food sector, using its own Crypto currency named XRT. It aimsto solve the vital payment problems occurring in Food industry where the XRT coin will be the substitute of ‘card n cash payments’. The primary goal isto use Blockchain technology to solve the many inconvenience of the payment processin restaurants and otherfood storeslike cafes and all, using their XRT platform. Through their XRT mobile app, they will be providing customers an instant & secure payment method solution using their XRT Token. Card payments will finally be hassle-free and the customers will become more comfortable while paying at a restro or anywhere else.

Security Algorithm

XRT Engineers came out with the right decision of choosing the Ethereum Smart Contract as a secured Hashing Algorithm used in the token creation, asit is secured with digital Private Key Signaturesthat provide private and instant transactions module for XRT Coins, besides providing an advanced bonusesfor members and holdersto get advantages while buying XRT Coins with special bonuses and incentivesin the ICO. Those advantages would support XRT Community as a supportive step towards holding XRT Coinsin the safest ways online and offline.

XRT platform

They are coming with a very unique concept which will make the XRT very popular and usable in the digital as well asreal world. They aim to become the largest payment platform forthe food industry in all over Asia. To achieve this goal, they are making their platform flexible as much as possible by providing the all facilitiessuitable for digital payment. Even one can get the rewards and other benefitsfor holding XRTsin their wallets. They are working on such features which will be beneficial for both customers and owners.

XRT Transactions Explorer

XRT Transactions are processed on the Ethereum Blockchain which means you are able to explore the transactions of the XRT Coins any time to know more about the expanding traffic of transactionsin the same moment they occur through , , and many more with respect to the privacy of their users.

XRT Double Spending Proof

Double-spending is a potential flaw in a Crypto currency scheme in which the same coin can be spent more than once. Thisis possible as a leak ofsecurity because each coin consists of a digital file that can be duplicated. XRT Coin is created by the Ethereum system, which containsthe NONCE that protectsfrom the Double-Spending issue, in orderto keep transaction related to an account in order, i.e. if there is a transaction with nonce 3 related to some accountsin the Tx-pool and some transactions with nonce 4 arrived then that transaction won’t be mined until and unlesstransaction with nonce 3 is mined.


XRT Foundation, with its multi-faceted model, is a brand name. It is vital forthe enablerto be recognized and trusted in the community and in orderto do that, the focus must be in creating brand familiarization among the public. XRT Foundation will make use of varioussocial media platform to maximize its potential outreach.

Social Media Advertising

Social media isthe frontline for any project or organization to interact with their communities and customers. XRT Foundation has been using itssocial media to keep the masses up to date with the development process, announcements, Airdrops and bounties, Twitter, Telegram, Facebook and Bitcointalk. Running social media ad campaignstendsto be more cost-effective than Google Ad so a large part of the marketing campaigns will be dedicated to social media, in the time leading up to full application launch.

Source: youtube/XRT Foundation 

For more information, visit the WEBSITE or read the Whitepaper.

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