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XWIN – a transparent betting platform

XWIN is a transparent betting platform for sporting and other events with revenue sharing using the decentralized smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain. The unprecedented development of blockchain technology and introduction of smart contracts has led to new opportunities in the field of betting on sporting and other events. At present, for the majority of private players, it is important to have comfortable, convenient and, most importantly, safe and guaranteed access to betting on the outcome of any event, and for investors – to receive guaranteed income from the bookmaker’s activity. XWIN was created in order to solve these tasks.


Advantages of betting with XWIN:

  1. Guaranteed payments by the Ethereum smart contract;
  2. Transparency of transactions and payments;
  3. No account lock-outs due to frequent wins;
  4. No account lock-outs due to arbitrages;
  5. Absence of individual reduction coefficients;
  6. Simplified registration;
  7. Absence of infrastructure risks related to technical problems with equipment and interruptions in Internet access;
  8. Absence of risks of funds embezzlement;
  9. Absence of restrictions on access to the investment funds;
  10. Information security and confidentiality;
  11. Cross-border betting;
  12. Stability of XWIN is determined by the entire network of the Ethereum blockchain;
  13. Security of funds (the players’ accounts are placed on the smart contract account and are managed autonomously);
  14. Continuous monitoring and control of the better’s account transactions (constant control over the player’s funds, 24/7/365 availability from any place in the world and from any device).

The Ethereum blockchain and smart contracts is a dynamically developing technology for investing, settlement of transactions online, and now for betting as well. It would not be right to disregard the advantages this technology has to offer.


XWIN establishes new standards of relations between the players and online gambling resources due to the use of blockchain technologies.

There is no secret that the bookmaker business brings a considerable income. The XWIN margin ranges from 6% to 20% of the betting rate. The margin from the better’s bets is credited to the account of the XWIN smart contract and is managed autonomously. 100% of the received margin is distributed as follows:

•        25% – to the fund of guaranteed payments to the players;

•        35% – PR, marketing, promotion and advertising;

•        20% – administration and legal support;

•        20% – income distributed among the investors.

Within the framework of ICO platform XWIN CryptoBet will issue a limited number of tokens, 80% of which will be available to the investors and players.

Application of the general guarantee fund according to the XWIN platform operation provides the investors with a number of advantages, combining free exchange pricing, commission payments and an increase in the nominal price of tokens.


Development of artificial intelligence based on the machine learning to calculate the betting coefficients and the probability of events.

The use of artificial intelligence where the machine is learning functions for calculating coefficients and bet scanning allows to determine the most beneficial values of the coefficients and keep a balance between the profit and payouts to the betters.

The use of artificial intelligence in the work of bookmakers allows to achieve a number of undeniable competitive advantages:

1. Accuracy of the coefficient calculation;

2. Calculation speed;

3. Error elimination;

4. Round-the-clock monitoring, instant response to the modifiable events;

5. Absence of a human factor;

6. Increase of the complexity of mathematical computation models.

The artificial intelligence also reduces the cost of human resources, decreases the number of incorrect coefficient calculations and results of matches that makes its use advantageous and allows the XWIN Company to maximize profits.


If you want more information, visit the WEBSITE and read the WHITEPAPER.

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